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@crono11 said:
" Or I think if you press Y it will bring up the menu and you can select the dog food to put in the bowl. "
This is probably the correct method.  It was like 1 am when I got to this part so my memory is a little fuzzy...
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You don't need to use the inventory to drop the food into the monster bowl.  I walked up to the bowl and pressed A and he did it automatically.  I didn't have to navigate through a menu to select the food or anything.

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I don't remember seeing pirates in any of the trailers.  Are you sure you're not thinking of Ron Gilbert's other games?

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@AgentJ said:
" Yes, so you should buy the expansion so that I can get a free month of Wow. "
Came in just a couple minutes too late, lol
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I'm looking forward to it.  The only zombie type game I've played recently is the Borderlands DLC so I'm ready for some more. 

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Woo hoo!  Downloading as soon as I get home tonight!

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I love me some quests :) I usually go on a dry spell and forget about them for a few days to a week or two and then I'll go hog wild one day and try to actively complete as many as I possibly can.  Especially when they announce new quest sets.

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I have it but I can always help get it.  add my GT and lemme know.   GT: Mordecai X7
Also, I got it by just changing free roams until I found a free roam with lots of people not in posses and then I just started inviting everybody and when they accepted, I told them what I was doing and they were good with staying in until I got the achievement.  So if you're short, just start inviting people.  If they don't accept, move to a different free roam and try again.  Once you're in a posse, if the leader changes free roams, you still stay together and can continue to add people to your posse in different free roam sessions.

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So far, it looks like you'll be growing yourself some E shaped hair.  That's what the ladies want :)

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@sofacitysweetheart said:
"Mediocre sandbox games need not apply! "
To each their own opinion.