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I'm hoping the GB community can help me out here.  I'm getting a new tv this year (somewhere between October and November) and I'm not sure what televisions are good and which are not.  I've NEVER purchased a tv.  I've had two tvs my entire life: a 19" Hitachi from the early 90's or late 80's and a 27" given to me by my sister from 1999 (can't remember the brand).  So yeah, I don't really know much about what I'm looking at.  Here's what I'm looking for in a new TV:

  • Budget: $550 ($600 max)
  • Size:  32" - 42"
  • Resolution:  1080p
  • Connections:  (must have) HDMI, Composite (next few would be nice) Multiple HDMI, Multiple Composite, DVI, Multiple DVI
In case this influences any advice and recommendations you have, this is what I plan to do with it:
  • Xbox 360 hooked up via HDMI
  • I have a Wii, PS2, and DVD player that are all composite hookups.  Currently using an A/V switch to change inputs on my current TV.
  • Will eventually upgrade to a Blu-Ray player (which may or may not be a PS3)
  • Will eventually upgrade to a 5.1 Surround Sound system.
  • Watches lots of Netflix (I hear some TVs have internet capability in them?)
  • Does not ever plan to hook the tv up to cable or satellite (netflix/hulu plan for me!)
  •  I'm not too great at messing with the settings to get a good picture; I almost always use the presets.
Thanks in advance for any advice and recommendations :)
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@Crono said:
" The difficulty of the quests needs to lie somewhere between this quest and the You've Been Moderated Quest, IMO.  This quest was too easy and the You've Been Moderated Quest was extremely difficult without help from the community (which is awesome, btw - the quests are really good at getting everyone to work together on them).  And that's all I have to say about that /Gump. "
I agree.  This one was TOO easy to brute force and You've Been Moderated was ridiculous.  I have to say however, as hard as You've Been Moderated was, it was more fun than this.  I was done with this quest in less than five minutes. 
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This is retarded.  The only way I can see this being understandable is if it's a stress test for the app for integration into the fall dashboard update.  If it is, then say so that way it doesn't seem like Microsoft is, once again, perceived as a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off.

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I still have to pick up the General Knoxx DLC, but it is sad to note that there will probably be no more DLC.  I am glad however that Red Dead Redemption will see a ton of DLC support all within the next five months.

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@Jeust said:
"Of course i will. But according to Kotaku the game is actually pretty cool.  "
Check more than Kotaku.  I don't know who else has reviewed it yet but I frequently disagree with Kotaku's reviews.  Especially their Darksiders review.
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My 10 bucks will be spent elsewhere.  Like on Summer of Arcade and Deathspank.

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Another Antestor fan!  I love this album :)  I just wish they'd put out some more...

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Woo hoo! Just completed!

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@jaycee13 said:
" @mordecaix7:  thanks for that site, I've tracked down a few lovecraft books but I would never be able to find most of these. "
That's part of the problem when looking for Lovecraft's work.  Lots of compilation books will still be missing a few major stories or they're broken up into his different styles and some compilations also contain works by other authors that are expanded universe type stories.  I still haven't found a single book that simply contains all of Lovecraft's work.  There's always something missing and it's always missing a combination of At The Mountains of Madness, Call of Cthulhu, Shadow over Innsmouth, or handfuls of his smaller, one shot stories like The Tomb, The Lurking Fear, The Transition of Juan Romero, etc.