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Guys, I appreciate everything that's been said in this thread and have done my best to read every comment in it. That said, I and the moderators have to sleep at some point, and given the nature of this discussion I don't want to leave this discussion open all night long unless someone is around to constantly check in on it, which is a lot to ask given the day we've all had. As such, I'm going to lock it in around 45 minutes (midnight PST) and reopen it in the morning when I'm around to actively reply to people's comments and concerns. I think we could all use a breather at this point, so let's ease up on this discussion for the night and come back to it in 10 hours or so.

Oh sure, silence all of us in Europe just waking up. You monster!

Just kidding. You've been a champ today, Mr. Rorie. I don't envy the stress your job entails on a day like this but I do envy your capacity to cope. You deserve a late night snack as a reward!

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The FFX laughing scene for the uninitiated:

At the time I first saw this scene I was still in my early teens and living with a family that couldn't pronounce Mario correctly and had no interest in learning. Let's just say the impact of this scene on me was playing video games on a much lower volume for a long time.

I'd somehow manage to scrub this scene from my memory. OH GOD, WHY DID I CLICK PLAY????????

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So glad you're part of the crew, Rorie!!!

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This stream is pure gold. Or maybe calling what he's producing a "golden stream" is not exactly the best choice of words. Or maybe it is actually quite appropriate considering how pissed off he sometimes gets, which is obviously endlessly amusing to all of us watching!

However you slice it, I am loving the hell out of this. It is actually a really interesting other side of the coin to Vinny's play through.

I would be in absolute heaven if Jeff Green joined the Giant Bomb team. He would fit in amazingly with the crew. He's smart, funny, and experienced as hell.

Anyway, if Jeff Green is reading this thread then consider that your free ego stroke of the day, buddy!

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I suggest going with Amazon UK for your next pre-order. I'm in Denmark and still got my copy of GTAV on the day of release, and that's even with me being cheap and choosing the free Super Saver Shipping option. Amazon's prices always seem pretty competitive with other UK online retailers and I've never experienced anything close to the trouble you've described with Game UK.

Also, even with the free shipping option I was given a tracking number and was able to track my package with pretty up-to-the-minute updates.

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360 for me, MightyWiggles.

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This is so sad. I feel like I've lost a friend.

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I hate that crap like this doesn't even surprise me anymore.

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  • Man of Steel: 35.3 million
  • Monsters University: 103.1 million
  • World War Z: 47.2 million
  • Total: 185.6 million
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You've obviously been enjoying the GB crew's efforts for years without paying. Why not say thank you for all their hard work by grabbing a subscription instead of worrying about which way the regular/premium content scales are tipping during a given month.