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Koelsh: I am referring to the front page in this case. I did specify this in the title, but had to remove it because of the 60-character limit on topic titles. I forgot to add it to the post, but this is the "Top Releases" list on the front page. Not the "New Games" page, which I think is what you had in mind?

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Wasn't sure where one would post feature requests. I figured this would be the most fitting place.

I would have liked to see what platforms the new releases are being released on. I was curiously clicking around trying to find out why an old Game Boy Color game would show up in 2015, until I found the small dropdown on the game page where one can select the different platforms the game has been released on.

Would be a nice and helpful addition, I think.

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The first time I remember seeing him was in the end of the Matrix Online stream, unless I've got some names mixed up. Did that start the whole thing, or do they have history from before?

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Hey, I was just wondering if the duders behind the site has said anything about the tech behind the Auto streaming video player stuff. It seems like it's running at 60 frames per second. Are they really recording and showing their videos at 60 fps? Later videos are really smooth and that's really nice anyway, and having the video player auto-selecting quality is great - even though it stutters slightly sometimes upon switching.

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Not much to say, since it's unconfirmed. If it's true I think I can like it. We'll see what happens on tuesday!

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Megadeth and Metallica has had reaaally big dips, mostly during the mid-to-late nineties. Both bands have had strong comebacks in recent years though.

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One thing that seemed to work well in my experience was having one or two guys be the leader. A project director that everyone reports to, and that makes sure everything is glued together somewhat coherently. I didn't read all of first post (lazy bum) so I'm not sure this is already established.

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I've seen several forums attempt this, and all those attempts failed to even create a game in the end. It always ends up being an overambitious RPG! Good luck anyway,

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Should find some way to incorporate Big Jeffrey into this.

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It's an effective way to stop "spammers", but couldn't the price be a little lower? I think setting it at 25, or even just 10 would do the trick. Maybe not as effective against junk, but surely the amount of awesome developers who wouldn't risk spending 100 dollars would make up for it?