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Solid work, chap.

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Why do you care? This is like hating on open-source software.

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I haven't played UT for a while, but isn't it already playable in HD? :o) 
@Ketchupp said:

Since when have people been calling it UT 99????

Since UT 2004 came out, just about.
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There is a quest for getting 1000 profile views, I think. You could find that quest and see how many you have that way. It's called Pimp my Profile, I think.

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You should add what the money actually are for in the description there. Software? Hardware? Commissions? Just a tip. 
Edit: Aha, the indieGoGo site has more info.

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@Trylks said:

@ShadowConqueror: Most people need to talk to a psychiatrist. That's a fact.

That's not a fact. That's a question of how you define "need".
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Part I: 
Part II: 

Level editor

One of the main features of our game is the ability to create your own maps. These can then be uploaded onto a server for everyone else to enjoy. We now have the basics down for the map-editor. It can pan around, zoom in and out, create terrain and edit the terrain, and it can save/load the maps. 
  It is also possible to import your own textures for use as the terrain. 
That's it for this update. Stay tuned if you're interested in getting your hands on the game. 
Oh, and we are still trying to come up with a name for this game. Let me know if you have any suggestions.
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Yes, this was a thing that became clear a while after I started to learn how games are made. I can't play a game without thinking "I wonder how they programmed this", or "the artist who made this did a great job".

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Seems like there's always a problem with these launches. 
Also, I think it's "Hryb".

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Biggest bummer is Bizarre Creations. I have fond memories of Project Gotham Racing and it's sequel.