The Games You Didn't See At E3

Well E3 was great but they did miss some great games that are worth mentioning for you all to check out.

Alan Wake is the first game. This game is being created by the same people as Max Payne.
Rumour has it that its going to be showed at this years Tokyo Game Show. I hope they release
more info on this game.

I'm not to sure about you but I was always a huge fan of the Tekken games. Tekken 6 is the next game that was missed at E3.
For fans that love the series i'm sure they were disappointed.

The thing about this years E3 is the fact that it was a disappointment. Sure I got all the info I wanted on updates and games but still.  While I was watching Sony's press conference I was thinking how long this was. In an hour and a half they really did not accomplish much. They introduced the video store, God of War 3, and the rest was random trailers that we already knew about. It was all talk talk with no bang bang. If companies want to get people interested in there products they have to make a bang.

It seems that E3 is really not a big self serving advertising gig. It no longer was what it use to be, an event for gamers by gamers. It now seems like all the companies who have money are advertising all they can. I   dont know this is my opinion feel free to share yours in the comments.     

Why be Mario when you can be luigi? Get In Shape Part 1- The Food

First I have to say thanks to DazbotAthertron for helping me choose this title. I thought it was funny so I put it.

Cool Picture :D
Anyway if any of you actually want to get in shape or stay in shape you have to be eating right. Theirs no point of me telling you workout routines, excesses if your not eating properly. Now when I mean eat properly I dont mean go on a stupid akens diet or only eat this or that. The food I will tell you to eat will be more than satisfieing for all of you.

Why You Need Food

   First off your body needs food to recoup and regain energy. Your body uses food to get energy so you can do your everyday tasks such as type, talk, walk, or anything, even breathing. You also need food to keep fat in your body. Your body needs fat to keep you warm and healthy. Your body also needs food to build muscle and heal your self after injuries and other types of healing. Your body also needs food to work the brain, the brain relies on energy and without food your brain wont work well.  A good example is the way a car need fuel. Our body uses up energy everyday to do everything. You have to regenerate your self to keep using your body. Food contains all these essential fuels and also nutrients which keep your bones, hair, nails, skin, and everything on your body as strong as possible. It also helps your immune system get stronger so your less prone to sickness.

What Should I Be Eating Dr. Mordok !!!

  Well when it comes to food it honestly does not take a genious to pick what to eat. To be healthy it honestly believe it or not does not take a lot of work. The only thing it takes is restraint. You should be eating your vegitables everyday and fruits. I reccomend atleast 4 fruits and 4 vegitables a day. Also drink a lot of milk and keep your body hydrated by eating water. You should be eating food like
  • Tuna
  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Your Greens , A LOT OF THEM
  • dairy
  • wheat

You MUST stay away from fried food, fried food will kill you quicker than make you full. I suggest you either BBQ your food like I do everyda or just bake them. Making food can be as easy as typing on a forum or writing a blog. It becomes a habit and a hobby once you get it right. I suggest you eat a nice 3-4 meals a day. I personally eat 8 because I body build but thats up to you. As long as your burning the food you eat you should be fine :).


    YOU MUST EAT BREAKFAST, DO NOT SKIP IT BECAUSE IT TRULY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. Your body needs a kickstart to start off the day, just like a car does on a cold morning. For breakfast a nice bowl of oatmeal mixed with like strawberry yogurt would be great. Also a cup of orange juice or apple. Also eggs are really good. People will tell you eggs are bad for you but they are honestly not to smart. My Morning Diet is this
  • Three Bubble Eggs
  • Two Cups of Orange juice and a Glass of Milk
  • 2 toasted Toaste with Jam on them
  • A small bowl of Oatmeal and Yogurt

I know this seems like a big breakfast but it gets me kick started for the day. I need this energy because I use it to work out at night. If you dont want to eat this much I suggest You have somthing along the lines of
  • Two Eggs, the way you like them
  • Cup of juice and milk
  • A Toast

That seems like a nice healthy breakfast. Its simple and easy. I again stress do not miss breakfast because it is VERY VERY important. Even if this means you have to get up a bit eairler to eat it I highly suggest you do. If i'm going to teach you all how to stay in shape I have to teach you how to eat. This is the breakfast portion of my blog. I will soon post Lunch and Dinner in one.

Also You should be constantly drinking water and having fruits and what not throughout the day. STAY AWAY FROM JUNK  FOOD, CHIPS , AND OTHER BAD FOOD. It will be hard yes but after a while it honestly becomes habit. YOu will look at that food and laugh at how bad it is.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, please stay tuned and leave comments if you want me to continue doing this.


How To Stay In Shape But Be A Gamer :O Part 1

Many people here have been PM'ing me asking me how to stay in good shape and still sit on your ass all day. I made a post yesterday saying I eat breakfast because i'm a body builder. Ever since then I have been receiving PM's on what to eat, what work outs to do and what not. I decided to start blogging everyday on daily workout routines that will help you get in shape. Depending on the popularity of these I will continue doing them. I need an offical name for them so if anyone has any idea's feel free to shoot them at me.

<------ Okay I could not find a good picture but this girl seems like a healthy weight. Yes I understand shes a bit on the muscle side but you get the point i'm trying to get across. Every gamer here can look like this and still sit on there ass all day playing games. I will try to get healty male pictures up but i'm not to keen on having pictures of half naked men on my blog :D.

I will post good eating habits, and workout routines that will improve your health. I will have workout routines for those who dont have a lot of time on there hand and a workout routine for those who go to the gym. Eating is also a big part. I will post good food habits and other things like this.

I will start the offical blog post of this tonight. If you guys like the idea' PLEASE tell me. I dont want to be doing this and no one reading it or anything.
Thanks :)


I Need A TV

Hey everyone. Well As many of you know i'm currently debating on which TV to buy. I have a few in mind , which do you think I should get


This is the LG 42LG30.
Its 42" BIG and has a contrast ratio of 12,000:1
Its 1080p and 720p

999 Canadian

What does everyone think of this tv, any other suggestions?


Xbox 360 Entertament Heaven

You know how its everyones dream to have a nice entertament room. You all know what i'm talking about? A dark room with a lazyboy couch, a nice big TV, nice speakers, and a nice mini fridge to put all your snacks. Well this weekend I had lots of time to think about how much money it would cost for me to do this.

I decided to make my room into this entertament heaven that everyone wants. It will cost me a bit to buy the stuff for it but thats not a problem. The items I need first of all is a TV, i'm aiming for a 42" TV. Next I need a lazyboy couch, which I will just steal from my parents living room. The speakers I can probally buy cheap from usedottawa. Anywho this is my plan:

Get rid of my bed, replace it with a foam matress I can roll up and put away everyday. I'm not a fan of sleeping on beds anyway..I prefer sleeping on the floor.

Next step is to go buy the TV around the end of August. Currently I Play my 360 on my 22" PC monitor, its amazing detail and everything but I want to play on a big tv. Anyway I will start looking for TV's starting august.

I'm aiming probally to get 7.1 surround sound. I already have a great Toshiba receaver so all i need is the great speakers to go along with it. Thanks to my uncle he supplied me with great sound proof drapes I put around my room to block the sound going to other rooms.

Anyway I will continue to update you all with this. Be sure to subscribe to the blog



A Bit About Me :)

Well I guess before you read my blogs you all want to know a bit about me. No use reading somthing about someone when you dont know who he is, and frankly probally do not care. I dont blame you all so this is why I will introduce my self in a nice semi short blog .

My Names Huss, Yes I know weird name but My parents decided to call me that. I like it, its short, easy to remember, and is unique. I live in Canada and was born here up in the True north strong and free. I love this country that i'm in and everything its done for me. Its given me a great education, place to live, and allowed me to have oppertunities I would never have had anywhere else.

My first gaming system I played was the Original nintendo back when I was 4, i'm currently 18. My older brother back in the day bought one and I remember he let me play with him. I dindt know much of what I was doing but I still seemed to play non stop and enjoy it. Ever since then I think i've been hooked on video games. After that I got a Sega, played Lion king on that a lot. THen I remember when the Nintendo 64 came in my parents traded the Sega in for it. The first game I got on it guessed it goldeneye. This is the game that EVERYONE who owned an N64 owned. I remember playing this non stop and always shooting rockets in that temple level.

Well anyway a couple months after my brother bought the Original Playstation, I dont remember much about it except Gran Turismo and some shooting game I forget the name of. I never really got hooked on the playstation because I think at that time I was to busy playing my gameboy, pokemon. GOTTA CATCH EM ALL !!.

My peak for gaming I would have to say was my introduction to the Playstation 2. I remember when it came out I wanted it really badly but I could not afford it. My birthday came and I woke up to one beside my bed. This had to be ONE OF the greatest moments of my life. I remember I wanted one so bad and I just woke up and POOF it was there. I played that non stop and remember playing a lot of Socom and Ratchet and Clank. I enjoyed the system as much as everyone else and I believe I got all the fun out of it that was possible..

I remember while playing my PS2 I saw people who had Xbox's and use to always laugh at them going, " haha xbox has no good games, its all stupid shooting games..and the controler is so big you cant even fit it in your hand." Of course this was before I played the system. So then the Xbox 360 comes out...and well I buy it and become hooked. I fell in love with Xbox Live and its features and its great community. My favourate game has to be Call of DUty 4, which when I played I was EXTREMLY good at..I think I lost most of my skill since I havent played much.

Anyway thats a very short summary of my gaming career..oh I should add I won a lot of Lan tournaments here in ottawa and won small prizes and what not. Anyway thats my gaming career ..well console wise, I wont get into the PC one on this blog post. My next blog post I will try to summarize what I do for a living and what influenced me to do it, I think you will all be interested.

Until Next time BYE!


Introduction :)

If your reading this it means your in the right place, my blog . I'm going to keep this post short due to the amount of time I have right now. I use to make fun of people who have blogs but up until this week I started to accumulate an interest for them. Blogs seem like a great place to share my thoughts, and idea's and events that happen to me.

I created this blog in hope people could read what I have to say. My hope is to update it everyday with random information. This information may include:
- Cool things I found on the Internet
- Reviews to movies, or shows that I watched.
- My idea's and views on certain world issues
- Also everything you can think of, this blog will speak my mind

I hope you enjoy your stay here, please leave comments and suggestions on what I should do with this blog. I will continue to update it with more information as time goes on.

Thank You