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@mordukai: Just because Bray Wyatt isn't winning every single PPV match he's in doesn't mean he's getting buried. He gets as much time to cut promos as anyone and he's been in a high profile singles match in pretty much every PPV this year. Wyatt's not going anywhere, it just made way more sense for Jericho to win this one.

It's not about the winning. It's the angels he gets.

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Can we just go ahead and give up on Bray Wyatt too?

Way ahead of you. As soon as his angle with Supercena started. I knew he would get buried. The only real reason I can think of as to why they are booking him like that is because the crowd likes him too much and they are billing him as a heel.

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New drinking game for tonight. Take a shut every time MIGGAL plugs the app and the WWE Network since it's renew time.

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Hmmmm. Gonna have to go with The Last of Us.

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So I didn't have a chance to see the game. Was it at least an interesting match or was it yet again a kinda boring final?

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What is the point of Adam Rose? Why are all his matches 3 minutes long where he barely does anything?

Makes the old man happy. He thinks it's cool cause that's what those darn kids are into these days....In the 90's that is.

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Ramones are easily one of the greatest bands ever in my eyes. No fucking around. Just straight rocking.

To quote Henry Rollins "Iggy Pop fucking rules and the Ramones saved Rock and Roll."

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First it was Joey, then Dee Dee, followed by Johnny.

Tommy Ramone Co-founder, and the last of the original band member, has died yesterday at the age of 65. I don't know how many Ramones fans are on this site, but to me the Ramones were one of the most important bands to come along and paving the way for future bands, and genres, to follow.

While I never got to see them live, I do have their huge collection of music they left behind to enjoy. So I guess it's time to put on an old pair of jeans, shirt, and leather coat and go beat on the brat...

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Can't find a better time to post this

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She's twice his age.

He's actually three times her age.

Hi now. We all know she will end up being the next Ex Mrs. Flair.