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I suppose it's easier to block and ignore criticism directed towards yourself then to actually try to "combat" it. Then again I'm sure he has to deal with it on a day to day basis, and the internet being...well, the internet, then I can understand why he blocked it.

@video_game_king: it's a joke. The idea that critics aren't fans is one of the dumbest I've seen

Fully agree. T he notions of critics not being fans is idiotic. Why did they become critics in the first place. You have to be a fan of an art form you critic, imo at least.

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Buying new consoles at lunch is a bad idea overall. Lack of games, potential hardware issues, and overall lack of value. At the end it came down to "Do I want a new console or a new graphics card" I went with the latter and I think I made the right choice. Maybe in two, three years time.

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Yeah, Legacy of Kain.

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The Swapper

+ Great art style and interesting narrative.

- Erratic difficulty curve.


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Games Sell Systems-

Good for MSoft

And multiplat games generally tend to sell more copies. IMO, EA took the "sure" way out by letting MS dazzle them with money because no matter how much they paid them EA in the long run will lose more then gain. I think EA has actually hurt the game.

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Yeeeeeup, never cared for the PVP, though it was at least an intriguing novelty in Demon's Souls. By the release of Dark Souls, though, the novelty had worn off and it was just frustrating, but unlike the rest of the game, it rarely felt fair due to extreme lag. I also reside in the minority that prefers Demon's to Dark.

I'm with yeah in that minority. However, my stance comes from the fact that PvP was much stronger. SP was good but after you've played over, hell I can't even remember which NG+ I'm on with my main, it does get tiring. That's why I started PvPing in Demon's Souls just as curiosity and I got hooked. I was also surprised to see just how many great people I met on Demon's Souls, and mind you, I'm not really into PvPing anything. Nope that a lie, I did really enjoyed BC2 online mode. But that is also tied more to the company I was in.

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It's mostly to do with the huge variations in builds augmented by the reflex/timing based combat. Plus it's on a way more personal level then any other MP mode out there. To me most MP matches just feel disjointed. The pvp in the souls game has a more personal feel to it from a player's perspective since you spent so much time and care into creating your character that in some way you get attached to it. It's almost a reflection, or a projection, of the player's psyche. That's how I explain it at least.

As far as bosses, then we are at a disagreement. I was extremely underwhelmed by the bosses. A lot of them felt like a rehash version of older ones from the previous game, while others just felt cheap. Not from game play perspective, hey it's dark souls, enemies are gonna his and hit hard. I think Sif, Ornstein, and Smough felt like real new additions, while the other were either rehash or just plain out cheap.

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Origins not bad, its totally serviceable. it also takes about 2 minutes to set it up and 5 seconds to launch it every time. Get over it.

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I considered just going with the PS4 version, but I think the PC version will be better and I really don't want to reward EA for their awful practices. Steam won, just sell your games there like a normal company.

News flesh. You are gonna pay money to EA no matter what.