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Origins not bad, its totally serviceable. it also takes about 2 minutes to set it up and 5 seconds to launch it every time. Get over it.

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I considered just going with the PS4 version, but I think the PC version will be better and I really don't want to reward EA for their awful practices. Steam won, just sell your games there like a normal company.

News flesh. You are gonna pay money to EA no matter what.

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@friendlyphoenix: What does it have to do with Steam DLC policies? Not trying to be sarcastic, I really want to know.

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So how much can one person PVE in this game before boredom sets in? Well I guess a lot if that's what you're trying to get out of this game but frankly after a while it gets boring.

So I bought this game last yeah and played through it. Didn't really bothered with the pvp because frankly I wasn't too interested in it so I wasn't aware of just how shitty the state of pvp in the pc version.

Long story short...lost my save, restarted a new character, eventually joined the Forest Hunter because the SP was starting to bore me.

Out of 33 matches, yes I counted, 29 were using a trainer. Seriously?! Had a match where the main guy was using infinite health and his buddy was using the insta kill one. How quaint. A due. The one that finally broke me, the guy actually waited until he was almost dead to turn his on, and of course, insta kill. So I decided to "congratulate" him on his awesome win, bad idea I know. I get a message back "HA HA. U sux."

Great. Dark Souls trolls.

I summation. Done with shitty pvp is this game. Gonna go back to pvp on Demon's Souls.


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@yadilie said:

I wouldn't but not everyone is the same. I only wish people would shut the fuck up and stop using places like Facebook as their soapbox.

That's easy to solve. Do what I did. Delete your Facebook account.

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I prefer the Heels.

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Its a great game, but another example of praise and exaggeration of a game based solely on its production value and presentation. The same thing with Bioshock Infinite, a good game with great presentation and production value, but with mediocre shooter mechanics and player movement and interaction.

I mean, I guess there are gamers that are more into story and presentation rather than gameplay and varied core mechanics, I guess that's why stuff like Beyond Two Souls exists. And for them, Bioshock and LoU are amazing games.

We can sit and discuss this issue for hours but this post pretty much says it all. I would have much rather preferred, probably enjoyed more, if I this game would have been a comic book. From production value, to the visual and atmosphere, and it's writing it feels like that's where this project belongs.

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Good movie. However, I enjoyed the book a lot more.

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