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Did anyone else get a Vince Russo vibe out of this RAW?!

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@shinmaru007: That's pretty much the theme for Randy. Wrestling is in his blood, talking not so much.

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can i just say im glad we all get along and there is no drama on this thread

You just jinxed this, you son of a bitch!



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Maybe it's just me but I noticed that my character moves as if she had no weight at all. I'm finding it that navigating narrow terrain can be a bit if hassle as you are more likely to fall to your death as movement speed seems to be faster this time. Previous souls game the character felt like it had more weight to it. Either then that, looks good.

For AMD users. If it you get the crash bug and you are using HDMI, just go to your catalyst and make sure GPU scaling and ITC Processing is marked off. It kept crashing on me right at start up but once I did that it ran as it should.

As far as downsampling. You can only do it if you revert to CCC 12.1. It will not work on 13.1 and above. If anyone here knows how to bypass that problem please PM me.

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Hey guys, remember that time Jerry Lawler said he was gonna murder Summer Rae?

LMAO, Made me spit my coffee out my nose you ass. Thanks for reminding me. Almost forgot about another of Lawler's "Well, this is one for the books, huh, Jerry?" comment. Another one is when he called Jimmy Valiant "a big fag lookin' jerk"

On a side not, is it just me or does it seem that Lawler looks completley lost without JR. I mean I was never a fan of Lawler, wrestling or color commenting, but he is fully capable of doing good promos. Just go dig some of his old Memphis promos if there are any online.

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So what happens when the TV show catches up to the books considering George R. R. Martin likes to take his sweet time writing them? Taking into consideration his previous breaks between each book it looks like the last book might be published in the 6-8 years period. I guess I'll just boil my jumble thoughts into points.

  • If he rushes through them for the sake of the TV show and the fans then he runs the risk of having regrets at certain decisions that he's made. He can try to have the TV show fix those issues but then run the risk of having the show veer too much away from the books. They have made changes from the books but they are always minor changes and compression where it needs.
  • Since he is very much involved in the TV show, though to which extent I do not know, he could give the writers the information they need to keep going with the show but then run the risk of hurting the book sales for various reasons.
  • He basically gives the writers full permission to go off on their own. This is an option I hardly think will happen.

On any case it seems to that GRRM own slow pace of writing that series is working against him.

Now this more of a question to people who have read the books. I'll put in a spoiler tag even though it doesn't really spoil anything.

Do you feel, like me, that as the series goes it just feels like he's really stretching and so to speak, smearing the plot too thin? I really hope the tv creators will fix the major writing issue I have with A Feast For Crows. Even though A Dance With Dragons did fix some of those issue, I still found it to be very slow moving.

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@hyuzen: The Thief games do give you the option to kill unless you play it on Expert which just makes the mission fail when you kill someone.

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So the Cena/Wyatt segment just kinda shined a light on a major problem I have with WWE booking, or if you really want me to use that term "creative".

They make this whole story line where Cena has never faced threat like that and he is truly afraid and he goes goes Menia and faces his fears and brings the animal side of him, which was kinda refreshing to see and for a split second made me think that they might actually gonna turn Cena heel. Nope....he comes in and we get Cena circa 06-07. Same fucking shtick. It's Cena/Nexus all over again. At least the Wyatt's just kinda stood there stare him with those dead looks and not really reacting to that whole shit of segment.

Not gonna even touch the last segment of the show. Maybe I would have been more into it if Evolution came out and mopped the floor with the Shield themselves and didn't need the whole 11 other guys to do it.

Plus, I didn't think it helped having one of the most dead crowds I've seen in months.

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@squirrelgod: He's missing a great big bushy beard.

Best RAW I've seen in years. Wyatt match was amazing and the Hayman promo was insane, he had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

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Still on the fence about it. I have literally zero interest in the new class but the other addons sound ok.