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There's no way to change that text size but you do have an option to have the npc dialogue in your chat box.

Go to Main Menu>System>Character Config>Log Window Settings>Log Filters.

Go over and pick the General log and a filter window would come up. Tab over to Announcement and you'll see two options, one is NPC Dialogue and the other is NPC Dialogue (Announcement). Make sure they are both marked, hit your Triangle button to apply the changes and you'll have the npc dialogue in your chat box.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. Some cutscenes will take away the chat box. Just hit Enter on your keyboard, which I really hope you have, and it'll bring back the chat box.

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@cornbredx: @hassun: @savage: Funny thing is that my download location has always been set to chicago. I will try other regions and see if it works.

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Updated the game to steam and the online feature just went dead. No invasion or summons. I have all the right ports open, even deleted the coop mod and still nothing. Never had the problem on GFWL. I hope the move steam did not kill the online features.

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The game just is badly optimized, end of story. Even on low settings with everything off you will see dips. Just mess with the settings until you are satisfied.

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Ah yes, another Brett Ratner "classic". To this day I have no idea how he got the cast for Red Dragon. Luckily I got to see Manhunter before I saw Red Dragon which in my opinion is the better adaptation of the book.

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@tothenines said:

is there really a place called the sword coast? If so, cool!

Seems like people are talking about Storm Coast. I don't know if there is some reason people are calling it Sword Coast or not. I've seen others do the same(on youtube, gamefaqs, etc.).

Most likely it's Bioware paying homage to the Forgotten Realms settings.

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This has been stuck in my head for several says now.

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@mystyr_e said:

wonder what the enhanced graphics will be. If it's what was first shown....maaaaybe? But if it's just a sharper looking version of what we already have then nah

Guessing just a sharper version with some of the muddy textures fixed. I really don't think it'll be that much of a jump. We will have to wait and see. On any case, I don't think it justify rebuying the game at full price.

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@eternalvigil said:

Wow. Just wow. Way to piss burning oil on your existing customers who bought the game on PC. And the 360 version won't get improved netcode? Fucking wonderful.

They should right by offering the upgrade at a pretty hefty discount like Deus Ex:HR did if they are in that mind set of charging existing owners for it.

The biggest concern is the different "servers". I don't understand why they are taking a small community and making it even smaller, and I'm sure the way Soul Memory work will make those smaller communities even smaller.

Save files not transferable also could most likely means smaller buy rate. with Bloodborne coming out, and also other games, I don't see many people outside the hardcore PVP and PVE players starting a new character.

This and reading through the patch notes makes it a no buy for me. Maybe 2 years down the road when they have it on a crazy super sale but for now I will reserve my game budget for other games.