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I feel this problem is more due manufacturing consideration then a straight design flaw.

The reason the spring is there is because silicone conductive pads that cover the actual trigger mechanism. It's meant to relieve the work load on the pads. True that if you take the spring out you don't really lose functionality but what you are doing is putting all the work on the pads and cause more wear and tear on it and will eventually need to replace that too, especially if you say you use them quite often.

If the little plastic piece on the hinge breaking is the cause of the stickiness you are better off just spending a few bucks on ebay for another R2 button and replacing the whole thing. I did that and cleaned out the R1/L1 area and it's been working like new for a while now.

This is a much better solution that doesn't require you to spend too much money.

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That can of worm didn't take long to explode. I seriously can't wait to see how high this shit mountain will get.

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Screw buying new equipment when it's non-planned obsolescence manufacture.

Unless you fall down the rabbit hole of vintage equipment and you up buying a 1985 Fender Twin silverface and a 1964 Hagstrom III. Ugh, lol.

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You can see a slight graphical downgrade in the game but I didn't care that much since it is still looking great.

Hopefully, this won't be their last patch.

I noticed that too.

I don't know, seems a little sharper to me in most cases. In some areas the textures may be a bit weaker. It was probably a sacrifice they had to make to bring the now no longer happening FPS issues under control.

I noticed a lot of blurry textures and there's a noticeable overall downgrade. It also might just be me but it also seems they lowered down on the AF settings.

Frankly I don't know why at this stage of console hardware why developer don't just start giving players PC style graphical settings. I think it's about time.

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Rhino Vs Baron Corbin

I really hope they call this match Crazy Eyes vs Autism Man.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to get stuck in an elevator with Rhino in an elevator while he glares at you.

@milkman: Enzo and Big Cass are so good. When they get called up don't change a single damn thing about them and they will go over as fuck. Until Vince will misbook them and eventually break them up cause of reasons. Part of me wants to see them go over, as they should, on the main roster and another part of me wants me to see them stay at NXT.

By far my favorite fan theory about why Cass is with Enzo is that Cass can be a star on his own but he just likes to hang with Enzo.

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You can see a slight graphical downgrade in the game but I didn't care that much since it is still looking great.

Hopefully, this won't be their last patch.

I noticed that too.

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@recspec: Fucking awesome. Can't wait to watch that match while wearing my new Lucha Underground merch. So excited.

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@zevvion: The notion of the "difficulty" in the souls games really started on Dark Souls. Within the Demon's Souls community the general feeling about the game's was that it has a very specific set of rules you have to abide by and if you veer from them you get punished. It required your attention and patience, but it was never viewed as so difficult as beyond the means of gamers. That point of view was more of someone looking at the game from the outside without trying to understand it.

I remember back in when Vinny was the only one who gave Demon's Souls a fair chance and if you go back and listen to the podcasts from that time you can hear the cast's lack of understanding about the game. As I recall a one Mr. Shoemaker saying how the game looks like something he will never be interested in playing, or something in that line. It was actually a pretty sore spot for me as I also expressed my feelings that the game isn't as hard as people make it and they should maybe give the game a fair chance.

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@shadowconqueror: Thanks for the correction. I don't know why I keep referring to him as a her.

Also, I don't know why a lot of people are thinking that Cleric beast is actually Ludwig. I personally don't think it is.

Because you get Ludwig's stuff after beating him and it has been shown that people affiliated with the Church turn to beasts.

Correction. The emblem that gives you Ludwig's stuff is in the Healing Church Workshop. Cleric Beast drop the Sword Hunter Badge which unlocks the Kirkhammer and the Repeating Pistol.

There is also a character using Ludwig's stuff, as well as that Choir-specific flamesprayer, in the Nightmare of Mensis. The badge that allows you to get that flamesprayer is in the area where the Choir made contact with the Great Ones - right after you happen to get the Radian Sword Hunter badge, which is directly linked with Ludwig's Lineage. Their proximity to the Choir and Ebrietas can't be coincidence. If I were to hazard conjecture, I would say that the Choir sent their best and most able Hunter in to destroy the School of Mensis' plans from within, but he ultimately succumbed to madness.

Given that you only get a low-level Sword Hunter badge from the Beast, I see no compelling evidence that the Cleric Beast is Ludwig.

Interesting take. I would like to add to if you assumption is correct then I think that the Healing Church's motive in that was driven by jealousy. The School of Mensis and the Healing Church ultimately had the same goal but I think the fact that the School of Mensis had better success in that goal made the other very jealous and probably wanted to be the only figure with that power.