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It's really cool going through the posts and see how PC hardware changed.

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I've got this ticket for next week's show in my hand and I'm excited about two things:

  • Luke Harper
  • Grumpy Cat

This Wyatt/Ambrose feud stinks. It's awful. I don't know how you can ruin this feud but WWE found a way. Wyatt's promos are just flat, there's nothing else you can say about it.

If what I read on the dirt sheets that WWE creative doesn't write engaging stories but write as to not get fired by Vince then I am not too surprised they found a way to ruin this feud. Personally I don't think this feud was gonna go places considering it has "we have no clue what to do with those two" stench to it.

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I don't know what the WWE network has to offer but Im gonna go old school and say that if they have anything Ric Flair and his run with The Four Horsemen...Also anything WCCW related. If it's wwe related then anything from the attitude era. As far as WCW then pretty much the beginning of NWO.

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Came back after a 3 month break and started a new save due to loss of data. Went through an entire play-through without seeing a single summoning sign. Even on the DLC areas I couldn't see a single sign.

Now I'm on NG+ and still not a single soul.

Is the game already dead?

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It's like every developer is trying to top one another with system requirements like it's some "inner circle" competition.

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@bane: I am glad people are enjoying it but personally I think the game is mid-tier at best. While the graphics are cool and very colorful, the levels themselves feel very bland and rather uninspiring.

NPC's have no real personality and just feel like a cardboard/personality type check mark.

I can't get into much details for spoiler reasons but the game just lacks the sense of self with trying to establish a fully realized world. I get that it's developers first time crack at this but then again I feel like they could have done better.

Don't get me wrong. Just because I think the game is mild at best doesn't mean that I don't want to see it sell well. I actually want it to sell good enough to warrant a second game and give the developers another shot at this.

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Such good memories. Too bad I somehow screwed the main quest line so I was never able to finish that story but other then that I really enjoyed my time with it.

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@spiritof said:

Also (for those of us who watched on Hulu) the Rusev/Sheamus match did not air, but the Mark Henry/Big Show and Bella/Emma matches did (if someone could explain this to me I'm all ears).

Vince logic at works. I'm pretty sure that match was suppose to be a Surviver Series match but was changed at the last minutes because they need subscribers. It's Vince way of saying "Titles can change on bonus matches on the network for only..." I gonna guess that they will still book a Shamus/Rusev match on SS for the US belt. Kinda Ironic you have an Irishman and a Bulgarian (residing in Russia) fighting for the US belt.

On a different note. Seems like Raw drew 4 million viewers without Cena in it. You think it'll make Vinny realize that we are kinda sick of having Super Cena shoved down our throats? I am saying no.

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Devil's Advocate here, but I have a feeling the reason they're more behind Reigns than Bryan as far as injury updates (besides the obvious "we'll teach you idiot fans to cheer the wrong person!" reasoning) is that they pretty much know when Reigns will be back. They have only a very general idea of when Bryan will be back. And that's IF he will be back.

Not saying they shouldn't be putting Bryan on TV more, but I can at least see why Reigns is getting more face time since he is figuring into plans for the near future.

Well lets put it this way. Do you know the scene in Spaceballs where Colonel Sandurz catches Lord Helmet playing with his Spaceballs Action Figures™? Well that's how Vince is. He has his collection of action figures and Vinny likes to play with them. Once you realize this mentality he has then you'll realize why WWE pushes some and bury another.

And just FYI, I really can't stand both Reigns and Byran. IMO they are both a charisma vacuums. but if I had to pick one I will probably go with Bryan. At least he has in ring ability as opposed to Roman who know...not much.

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Uso's getting booed by the crowd made my night.