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@gorillamopena: Was not expecting that Cornette name drop. Also, Jimmy Jacobs sighting at 4:30.

I wasn't expecting WWE to actually leave his name in.

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@meatball: For a split second I also thought Owens was going for a package piledriver. I think piledrivers are only special permit kinda thing or you get fined. Or was it for blading. I can't fucking remember with all the rules that company has.

What's the deal with Corpus Christi shows and dead crowd? Maybe it's the acoustics? Or maybe cause it's old WCW territory? I seriously don't get it.

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Ok. first time participator so here it goes my Krazy predictions.

1) Harper/Rowen and New Day are last to be left. New Day keep the belts but on RAW H&R (Block) smear the floor with them and setting up a story line to SS.

2) Adrian Neville wins. Bo is shattered in the ring after. Arena goes dark...Wyatt vid is playing saying "Time to come back home"...light comes back on...Bo is the middle of the ring with his head looking down at the ring.

3) Naomi wins. As she celebrates Charlotte, Bayley, and Banks come to the ring and do a number on Naomi. As the leave they acknowledge Paige. She just looks confused. As all three get to the top of the ring they turn around smile and do the four horsemen sign.

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X Man: The Last Stand. I remember thinking how could they fucked it up so bad after 2 pretty good movies, then I saw the director credit and everything became clear.

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@milkman: The Banks/Lynch was the best of the night. It's amazing to see just how much she improved since her BFF days.

Lynch also brought it to another level. I have a feeling she will also be the next big breakout star from the women's division.

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I really like Jason Albert as the head trainer at NXT, mostly because he's spent significant time outside of the WWE system. I think these old guard guys who spend their entire careers with the WWE get tunnel vision and think "this is the way that things need to be done because it's how it's always been done." Albert should lend a lot of great perspective and knowledge of different styles that someone like Billy Gunn or Bill DeMott can't teach.

According to various reports, it looks like that there is way better energy and better positive locker room vibes in the NXT performance center since DeMott left Albert took over. I am not one to start putting blame on people, especially when it comes to the type of allegations against DeMott but if the reports of better locker room vibes since he left are true then on them for speaking up. Plus It seems Haitch has really been doing great with bringing good people to work and train the young wrestlers with brining Rhyno and The Brian Kendrick back.

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@rollingzeppelin: Thanks a bunch. Now you got me reading through the history of electrical plugs and sockets. :P

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@punched: Ya know what?! I'll meet you half way and take the position I always do when it comes to anything wwe and Cena related and say "let's see where this one goes."

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GUYS GUYS. What if Owens drops the title to Sami, Gets moved up to the main roster to have his match with Cena and we have a feud over the US title. Oh my god that would be too good.

Also I am interested to see if the Samoa Joe rumors regarding the NXT special are true or not. Wonder what they will do with him down there and if this lead to a run on the main roster.

Keep wishing. We all know how this is going to end.

AA...1...2...3...BRRRRRRRRR APPLEDOUGH, Cenawinslol, sell more tshirts to them kiddies.

At this point Cena is pretty much the black hole of up and coming talent where it's clear booking has no idea what to do with him but clearly have to use him so anyone getting any sort of traction/heat/pops, is immediately getting fed to Cena.

I am also sick of how wwe's booking keep painting Cena as the underdog. Yup. Your most highly decorated performer, comes out on top for about 98.9% of his angels, is pretty much the backbone of your financial quarterly reports. Underdog...Dawg.

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Beware of Mr. Baker.

The beginning pretty much sets the tune.


Very well made documentary that left me glued to the screen. And this coming from a guy who has no interest in cars or racing.