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So the Cena/Wyatt segment just kinda shined a light on a major problem I have with WWE booking, or if you really want me to use that term "creative".

They make this whole story line where Cena has never faced threat like that and he is truly afraid and he goes goes Menia and faces his fears and brings the animal side of him, which was kinda refreshing to see and for a split second made me think that they might actually gonna turn Cena heel. Nope....he comes in and we get Cena circa 06-07. Same fucking shtick. It's Cena/Nexus all over again. At least the Wyatt's just kinda stood there stare him with those dead looks and not really reacting to that whole shit of segment.

Not gonna even touch the last segment of the show. Maybe I would have been more into it if Evolution came out and mopped the floor with the Shield themselves and didn't need the whole 11 other guys to do it.

Plus, I didn't think it helped having one of the most dead crowds I've seen in months.

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@squirrelgod: He's missing a great big bushy beard.

Best RAW I've seen in years. Wyatt match was amazing and the Hayman promo was insane, he had the crowd in the palm of his hands.

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Still on the fence about it. I have literally zero interest in the new class but the other addons sound ok.

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Friend of mine just texted me that Doyle Von Frankenstein posted this on his FB page early this morning. He found dead by his GWAR bandmate Beefcake The Mighty a.k.a Jamison Land. Reason for his death is not known yet but I do have a few guesses.

First it was Cory now it's Dave. Metal world losses another one.


Goodnight Moon indeed.

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@siroptimusprime said:

The new Tomb Raider was just absolutely not my thing, and I'm kinda sad I really don't like it. The combat wasn't there, the skill tree style was really tiresome along with anything traversal related, and the story felt like a slog.

Dunno, it's one of the very few situations where people falling in love with it just doesn't make sense to me. It's just an average shooter with few actual fun, puzzle-y platform-y bits.

What didn't click with me was the thing about Lara having such a moment with her first kill and then goes on a killing rampage. Anyways, you think that doesn't make sense? Try making sense where you see old fans of the Thief games absolutely loving the shit out of the new one. That is from bizarro world.

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@mosespippy: Thanks for assuming I dupped in DeS before asking me. I got that many the ole way. I was grinding for stones and reached NG+ 20(ish) lost count really. By that point even minions would take me down in 1-2 hits and thats how I lost that many.

Next time please ask before assuming.

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I once lost over 13 million souls on Demon's Souls. While not the same game but still counts. No?!

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@fateofnever: When a guy on the same wrestling show makes me have doubts about Paul Heyman's mic skills, well you know you got a keeper there. The whole Wyatt is pretty much the only thing making sure I actually watch the weekly show.

WWE should do the right thing and make Cena lose but seeing as how the company makes too much money on him and how he is the "beat the odds" guy, and the fact that I have lost faith in WWE, then all things point to Bray Wyatt being fed to Cena. Cena will pick a Wrestlemenia win and the kids will be happy and goes on to buy more merchandise.

As far as Bryant goes. Well we all know Vince has a hard on for big muscle men. There's no way in hell he is gonna put the belt on Bryant any time soon. What I afraid of is that by the time he will put the belt on him no one will care. If we are lucky we get a Bad News Barrett segment/commentary during the Bootista - Orton match.

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I have recommendation but not for netflix show. If you are using a web browser get an extension/plugin called Hola.

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@white: Why did you level up that high? Damn Good luck. Looks like you're in for quite a bit of grinding.