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If I wanted to read these which books should I order off amazon?

Just buy the one the deluxe edition
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I'm never worried about stagnation; the Eastern-Bloc always has something worth checking out. 
True but they always get the gameplay wrong. 
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Lady on the rag. No in all seriousness she does look pretty cool, and like here design too. Meaning i like how they didn't inflate here fucking breasts like the rest of the female fighters in MK.
Sorry to be a jerk but just to let you know the pronoun is spelled "her".
Thank you Mr. Grammer nazi. I won't keep you from doing your work, correcting grammer on a video game community must be a busy job. Sorry for being a jerk too.
I had hoped the other dude would have correcte me. Oh well, at least you spotted it.

If you reread my comment above you will see that I am not correcting your grammar, I am correcting your spelling.

Eaithere waye yuo cum of ass a jerke. 
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Right now I'm playing my free copy of inFamous.  And I've been playing some Ghost Recon and Flower, Sun, and Rain. I also bought Ultima Underworld from GOG, but I'll probably play it after I get home from my vacation.
Which vacation spot did you pick? 
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This thread still exists? Sad.
You still exists?
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Had to happen at some point. It's only going to get worse. 

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Just wait for the inevitable 2.0 from Destructoid before you start getting mad.

That is if that no good glob of a human meat Jim Sterling reviews it. They guy lives on making everyone pissed off. I used to know a guy like him and that dude led a sad and lonely life and ended up eating a bullet. 
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 Wipeout HD and Dead Nation.  Still debating if I want to use my alternate accounts in order to get the other games.