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@LordAssinhiemr: WHat? Piracy? What is there really more to say?! This subject has been debated for years and to the death.
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Sterling is just a glorified troll. You can tell mommy and daddy did not give him enough attention as a child so now he is making up for it. 

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@TheSeductiveMoose said:
" I played it to completion. Here are my main issues with it:
  • Voice acting - It ranges from good to flat out bad.
  • Writing - Cringeworthy in some places.
  • Unstable - Tried playing it on DX11, it kept crashing until I had to reinstall it, due to me being unable to start it again.
  • Combat - While not super bad, it still feels inferior to the original.
  • Boobage and similar stuff - It feels like they only included it to sell more copies (Like Miranda's suit from ME2), and I feel it reflects badly on the game.
  • Really ugly ground textures.
  • Ugly UI
  • Everything is locked, even the inventory for fucks sake!
  • No strategic view - Seriously, I only played Origins with this camera angle.
 Some of these are just your average Bioware complaints, but it still felt kinda disappointing. But, it isn't even out yet so I'll save my judgement on it for when it's released. So, I'm still getting it. "
Ohh dude. You're gonna hate this then 
  Where the fuck are all the colors? Everything is just brown. Is the game taking place in the fade? BioWare are actively trying to unsell me the game.  
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@CL60 said:
" @xyzygy said:
" I like hearing that the combat is like Too Human. I really really liked that game. "
it's not anything like Too Human. "
I would say that the combat gave me a Destiny Warriors (with tactics) kinda vibe. Hopefully the option to turn auto attack will change that. I really dislike having to keep pressing the attack button. There just zero satisfaction in it. At least in DA.  
I think the major change is that they made the animation feel more like a big action movie. Big, bombastic, in your face, Michael Bay/McG type of sensibility. The characters swing a 2H sword like it's made out of plastic. 
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@daniel_beck_90 said:
" POP: Warrior within is undoubtedly the best POP game ever IMO "
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None really. MGS maybe...

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I think there's some deep emotional problems that you need to take of.  
On the subject: 
I don't think BioWare are that ballsy. If they planned to go with that theme then you won't have the option to romance them at all. I mean they wouldn't even touch homosexuality in ME2. I think the whole fox news ordeal on ME1 kinda scared them. They might wanted to do it but I don't think EA will even let them touch those subjects. 

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@Dynamo22 said:
" I would agree with you pre-Skyrim. Just because I'm a huge Fallout fan. But, Skyrim looks like it will just decimate Fallout on every single level.  "
Ironic. I would think Fallout got decimated enough.  ;) 
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" Also, does Oblivion have this?
   That's what I thought. :) "

Did Fallout 3 had the Dark Brotherhood quest?  
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I doubt he even played the first game. 

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Honestly. I don't know what I would do. I guess it depends on how pissed I am or how I got treated by the costumer care. At the end I think I'll keep my mouth shot because if I did the person who made the mistake can get in trouble for it. Then again karma is a bitch and it can come back to haunt me. Dunno man. Sorry I couldn't help you. At least take comfort that amazon can take a 40 dollar loss.