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Such good memories. Too bad I somehow screwed the main quest line so I was never able to finish that story but other then that I really enjoyed my time with it.

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@spiritof said:

Also (for those of us who watched on Hulu) the Rusev/Sheamus match did not air, but the Mark Henry/Big Show and Bella/Emma matches did (if someone could explain this to me I'm all ears).

Vince logic at works. I'm pretty sure that match was suppose to be a Surviver Series match but was changed at the last minutes because they need subscribers. It's Vince way of saying "Titles can change on bonus matches on the network for only..." I gonna guess that they will still book a Shamus/Rusev match on SS for the US belt. Kinda Ironic you have an Irishman and a Bulgarian (residing in Russia) fighting for the US belt.

On a different note. Seems like Raw drew 4 million viewers without Cena in it. You think it'll make Vinny realize that we are kinda sick of having Super Cena shoved down our throats? I am saying no.

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Devil's Advocate here, but I have a feeling the reason they're more behind Reigns than Bryan as far as injury updates (besides the obvious "we'll teach you idiot fans to cheer the wrong person!" reasoning) is that they pretty much know when Reigns will be back. They have only a very general idea of when Bryan will be back. And that's IF he will be back.

Not saying they shouldn't be putting Bryan on TV more, but I can at least see why Reigns is getting more face time since he is figuring into plans for the near future.

Well lets put it this way. Do you know the scene in Spaceballs where Colonel Sandurz catches Lord Helmet playing with his Spaceballs Action Figures™? Well that's how Vince is. He has his collection of action figures and Vinny likes to play with them. Once you realize this mentality he has then you'll realize why WWE pushes some and bury another.

And just FYI, I really can't stand both Reigns and Byran. IMO they are both a charisma vacuums. but if I had to pick one I will probably go with Bryan. At least he has in ring ability as opposed to Roman who know...not much.

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Uso's getting booed by the crowd made my night.

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The game could have used more development time imo. Take aside the performance issues many PC players are having, the game to me feels unfinished. It could very well be that I still haven't got used to the combat system and I try to play it as if it was a Souls game but the combat still feels like the main hero is trying to move through molasses. Everything about this game just feels clunky.

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@monetarydread: I have OC'ed it in the past but never really seen any major improvement gaming wise which is really the only thing I use this PC for. I topped it at 4.1Ghz. The thing that I really should upgrade my motherboard as it's not very well suited to overclocking to that degree. However, is I change motherboard might as well upgrade my cpu and so forth. I'll just wait until they release a better optimized driver.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

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I was going through my email account doing some much needed cleaning and I noticed that I had some unclaimed gift keys. Not anything new but I am sure someone will find them useful.

GameKey Type
Mafia IISteam
Spec Ops - The LineSteam

Well here they are. To whom ever grabs them I wish them a fun play time.

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@corevi: That's a damn shame. I was looking forward to playing this game. Looks like I'll have to put this game on the digital shelf until the developer gets its shit together.

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Just bought it the other day and I am having really bad performance issues. Even on Medium settings with all other options turned off the game struggles to hit 60 and on some fights it dips below 30. I know the game Nvidia has all over it but Shadows of Mordor also has Nvidia behind it and the game runs smoothly on my machine. Is this a case where the developers just optimized it on Nvidia and gave AMD users the middle finger?

System Specs:

Intel i5 2500k

Windows 8.1 w/8gb ram

AMD Radeon R9 280x

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@afabs515 said:

Level design in II feels segmented and illogical, with the most notable example I can think of being the Iron Keep being located on a sea of lava which somehow is invisible from Earthen Peak, which is supposedly right below it. I also didn't find the level design in II nearly as interesting or exciting as that in the previous game.

I definitely think Dark Souls was a much better game than its sequel.

I think that this criticism is rather unfair. If there is something I learned about the souls game nerrative that it is very subliminal and much is left for the player to "read between the line" and figure things out for themselves.

If you remember, a lore fact that comes up very early on about that the nature of the curse is that it makes you go mad and lose your memory in the process as pointed out by the various NPC's and is the central theme for the Lucatiel quest line.

Given that and the fact that your character is the Chosen Undead and that you are being referred to directly by the Emerald Herald as the "bearer of the curse" it's then not that far fetched to assume that you are also slowly losing your mind and forgetting things so the main character must be treated as an "unreliable narrator." Given that I think that it's not that The Old Iron Keep was directly connected to Earthen Peak but there is a considerable distance between the two but nothing really important happened while traversing the distance between locations and your mind just erased that while keeping the important events, or there is the possibility that something eventful could have happened on the journey, but given the nature of the curse you simply forgot.