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@pollysmps: Soul Memory is about the only reason I don't want to do any PvP in DS2. They either need to remove it or rethink it. For that reason alone, every time I get invaded which hasn't happened too much, I just stand there and let them kill me.

I am also pretty sure many PvP people use the infinite stamina or the infinite spells. I see them swinging till there's no tomorrow only to do 300+ rolls and then spam spells that I know for a fact the number of times they can use without using herbs to replenish them.

That said, I have no problems with people using trainers in for the single player aspect, or to train on enemies but is you do either do it offline or if you and your buddy using it to train for PvP then at least make sure to do it in a spot that's not full of invaders.

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Get used to it. However, I discovered cheaters are really, really lousy in PvP and they have no sense of their surrounding. I didn't do it yet on DS2 but on Dark Souls I used gravity to the job for me. It wasn't too often for the most part.

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Now is this the beginning of a heel push for Putin?

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@soldierg654342 said:

Unless you are rolling with a lot of INT of FAI, none of them are really worthwhile. Bleed is worthless in this game, they are too slow to make the loss in AR from Poison worthwhile, and Mundane requires a dedicated build.

Yes, I did notice that bleed is not as effective as it was Dark Souls though I still see a lot of people running Uchi's and curved.

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So I was a DEX build using mostly two handed melee. Thought to change up a bit and relocated some points and now I am very much liking the Greatsword. I have two of them for now. One is a +10 and the other is a +6 and trying to decide which upgrade path to take at ole Mcduff. So which path did you find best suited for your liking?

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I find that the best way to deal with them is go speak to Targray in the Cathedral of Blue and join the Blue Sentinels. He then will sell you Holy Water Urns so stock up on them. Skeletons die very fast to that. Now, the only way to stop them from re-spawning is to kill the Hollow Mage in that area.

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@demoskinos: Seems like all the threads are having issues. Oh well. Anyways. OMG. He just looks like a shell of his former self. I wouldn't have even recognized who this was if you didn't say. I was just watching the Bobby Heenan is God vid on youtube and a bunch of the stuff he did with Gorilla Monsoon.

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I help but feel that the whole Demon Kane and Denial Bryan fued is WWE creative having no clue what to do with him.

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I'm from the UK, and I've only ever heard pizzas called pies by Americans - no-one does that here.Pizzas have bases and toppings, pies are closed and have pastry (unless we're talking fish pie or shepard's pie, of course). To be honest, a shepard's pie probably has as little to do with a "normal" pie as a pizza pie does. Names are stupid...

Have you even seen a Chicago style pizza? Those things are pies. Though personally I much prefer New York style pizza