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What... why... oh geez.

Are the kids actually COD obsessed or are they just, you know, kids. Because goddamn, I bet they'll think twice about sharing their hobbies with their father after that.

"Dad?! I want to play this game. It's called RapeLay."

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Pretty sure the second GIF was the kickoff to a storyline where Muta impregnated that lady with his mist and she would later give birth to a giant egg that hatched a wrestler.

As someone who has never watched wrestling..... what?

Wrestling logic.

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Just carried out @danryckert's little homework assignment and watched ECW December to Dismember, and boy I'd like to wish those guys good luck in making that review have any kind of entertainment value other than "it sucked!". It is the bad kind of wrestling where nothing was good and nothing was so bad it was at least fun to watch. Just 2+ hours of matches that could have been mediocre television matches along with a main event that was designed to piss off their fans.

This was the first thing I watched when I signed up for the network. I could only go up from there.

That's the one that made Heyman leave or fired, right?! It was awful. When Vinny Mac gets it wrong, ohh boy does he ever.

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@aronleon: Or creative just has no idea what they're doing.

Gonna go with one chief. Cesaro was getting some crowd heat so they split The Real Americans, big mistake on that one, and as soon as that happened all his heat was gone. They made him into a Paul Heyman guy which did not work at all, and now they really have no clue how to push him.

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@milkman: Hi, I always kept saying, Slaters Gonna Slate!

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What awful thing happened on October 21st (movie release date) to Kane's family?

I don't think I want to know. Do I have to be reminded about Katie Vic and Haitch?!

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Man, that MMA style promo vid for Cena/Bork was AWESOME. I'm ready for more of those when Brock is champion.

Did Bork say "urine" or did I imagine it?

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@drx25: not to give away spoilers from the original Star Wars, but isn't Darth Vader dead?


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Tom Hardy quickly became of those actors that no matter which movie he is I will watch. This looks pretty darn good.

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Haven't watched TNA in forever. Is it still abysmal as it used to be?