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@y2ken: On my first playthough Solaire totally lost his shit in Lost Izalith after finding the Sunlight Maggot. Was kinda disheartening watching the only real positive person in the game lose his collective shit over a larva with a really shiny ass.

On my second playthrough I managed to do what you did, I later found out why, but I never really took it as the his resolution due to the cyclical nature of these games.

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@zevvion: Because that resource is so hard to come by early on that if you keep summoning help on a difficult boss or in a difficult area and you keep getting disconnects and network error or get no one to help you then it's just deflating.

Maybe if they unlock the second fountain right off or at least lower the number of insight you have to have on you in order to use, then they would alleviate some of early game mechanics frustration.

The souls series always followed a very simplistic philosophy of "tough but fair". While bloodborne still follows that philosophy, to a degree, it seems from software overcomplicated a simple feature that worked just fine because of...reasons.

I am just saying I can see a large chunk of souls game fans just not wanting to deal with it.

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I just deleted it. I dunno man I enjoyed the rest of the games in the series but I just don't like the direction they went with this one. Also, just like the whole grimdark shit doesn't do it for me anymore. I like stuff that's fun and happy.

*scratches head*

What part of the 3 Souls games was "fun and happy?"

Dark Souls was a while ago. And like I said im in a different place with my tastes between then and now. Also at least Dark Souls had Solaire. That dude was positive as fuck. :p

Yeah. That is until you actually get to finish his quest.

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This just gets weirder when you figure out what's going on.

I actually laughed the first time it happened me.

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@zevvion: It's more directed at early players. I can see a lot of Souls players just giving up.

I get that they want to make a system where you use a valuable resource to gain an advantage but it relies too much on their end of the game to work.

I would prefer if it took the insight once the player is summoned into your world. Not a huge issue for me since I have so much of it though lol. Plus insight from the chalice dungeon bosses.

Pretty much my view on it.

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The way insight work right now is very broken. FROM really should take a look at how they implemented the system and change the system as it stands right now.

At the moment, as soon as you use the summoning bell it consumes one insight point, so even if you get disconnected, which has happened to me, or the session gets borked somehow then you still have used an insight point and it's gone. This really comes off a big middle finger to the players. I get that they want coop to mean something and have you spend a very valuable resource for the gains of having help. However, right now it's really deterring players then making them want to continue.

I know Miyazaki gets off on players saying the game sucks and they don't wanna play it but I can't help but feel that this time around he kinda went a little bit off. To me it seems that with Bloodborne his "tough but fair" philosophy of the game has slowly shifted to "tough cause of...reasons"

I really hope they iterate as the game goes on. As it stands right now, I don't see the game having much longevity past the story line if players stick with it at all.

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@fredchuckdave: So it seems from what you're saying that soft cap is 25 and hard cap 50. Good to know.

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Seems like your frustration is talking right now more then your logic.

I won't come and say that I never used shields, I have, as many other players have done too. To me though I always looked as a shield more as a parrying tool or a boss defense tool more then just a windshield I need to hid behind 100% of the time. Most of the time I carried the shield appropriate for that specific area.

As I moved from Demon's Souls to Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 I noticed that I was slowly weaning myself off of using them so maybe that's why I acclimated to quickly to Bloodborne's play style.

Since you genuinely sound like you see this game through then I say that maybe you're just need to look at your situation from a different angle. I think you're focusing too much on not having shields then accepting the fact that you don't have them anymore. Just go forward from now knowing that you do not have shields and you somehow need to find a new play style.

Personally I feel that FROM showed a lot of balls, and a ton of trust in their fans, with pretty much taking a tool that was the center piece to many players and basically said "Adopt, or you're not going to survive."

I really hope you find you're "new groove" and keep playing.

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@straightgrizzly: Thanks for pointing out my mistake in such a dignified manner. I was going to correct it but then I figured since it gave you enough interest as to post on this thread with nothing really to add to the discussion then it must be something worth leaving uncorrected.

Have a nice day!

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@shadowconqueror: I haven't got that far into the game. I'm level 35 at the moment as I am a "taking it slow" kind of player and like to go over areas multiple times before I move on.

I have yet to confirm it but I think that the Flamesprayer also stun locks regular enemies.