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@corevi: Ah, that's right, I remember that now, my mistake

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@l33t_haxor: Yeah being a recent college grad without a job for 9 months of the year meant I needed a hobby I think, and hey Dota's free

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You're a talented man Patrick, it'll be fun to see where you end up, because you'll nail it.

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@slag: Yeah, that might have something to do with it. Good point.

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@rorie: If we're talking directly about Infamous, the version of the final mission you can do depends on if you're good or evil, so I imagine it just depends what you ended up being at the time you do that mission, if you alternated.

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Sweet, thank you much!

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@zevvion: Yeah, I agree that they aren't the impossible or anything and I don't think Coop was the specific focus of either the Royal Rat Vanguard or the Pursuer. They seem like more creative ways to make coop interesting where the Sentinels just put 3 of them in an arena and said "good luck, I hope you brought friends". The Rats are easy to crowd control with firestorm and similar spells, and really aren't that hard to funnel into a line that makes them easy to deal with without such spells. However, playing cooperatively would accomplish crowd control, and making getting overrun less likely, without breaking the boss fight. The Pursuer has the ballista that is much easier to use when its distracted by another player. It's not impossible to hit him with the ballista by yourself, nor is it impossible to beat him without even using the ballista, but it's so much easier that it seems like coop was being considered when they put the ballistae there in the first place.

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@yummylee: In the loosest possible sense I think the Ancient Dragon in Dark Souls II kind of speaks to the direction you're speaking of. It's massive and more difficult with more people, because it becomes less predictable. Obviously there is no climbing up cliffsides to leap onto it or anything, but it could be something of an indicator to what their future boss designs might be like. As weak as the Bed of Chaos was, they still worked with the basic concept with the Executioner's Chariot. Personally though, as a side project that'd probably be fine, but if they made a coop focused core souls game I'd be kind of disappointed, because I like playing by myself my first playthrough. That said they seemed to have coop more in mind than ever with Dark Souls II. The Ruin Sentinels, the Royal Rat Vanguard and The Pursuer (because of the ballista) seem seem especially tailored for coop.

Edit: Sorry I misread part of your statement, I thought you meant you wanted bosses to be designed to be more difficult when done cooperatively, so kind of disregard that first bit.

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@yummylee: Thanks! Music is definitely another thing they do really well in these Souls games, especially since the levels themselves for the most part go without it. When music kicks in for the boss fights, it's powerful. The Tower Knight is great example. I really liked a lot of the Demon's Souls boss themes, the False King especially. I kind of wish they kept that composer on for Dark Souls, but there are still some more great themes regardless.

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Upgrading your weapon will help a lot. I believe spears need sharpstone, and you can get it from those Phalanx enemies, they also drop hardstone for blunt weapons which are really good against the skeletons in the shrine of storms.