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Thanks for featuring me again!

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@stinger061: I like your point about what Rockstar could be working on next. Almost always when a company goes dark, people just speculate and hope for a sequel (Go back to Agent please Rockstar). I definitely agree with you. It's a damned shame that this is the way it is and likely to stay.

@whitegreyblack: I certainly thought about bringing other mediums into my post. Directors of movies is more of what came to mind for me. Movie directors have really long careers though, so while it's easy to expect every movie from Scorcese to be a crime movie like Goodfellas or The Departed, he's directed stuff like Shutter Island, Raging Bull and The Aviator as well.

@slag: I thought about mentioning Kojima, and I probably should have given recent events. Your second point is definitely on point. There are plenty of reasons to make the same game.

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I think it's something that's okay to be nervous about, but if they change things and there is an immediate and immense outcry those changes will likely be reversed anyway. Fighting games are a lot more technical than my examples, but even so I think developers should constantly be looking for ways to shift the metas of their games, to avoid the Fox dilemma Smash has, especially if a game is aims to be a spectator sport. If every game is Fox vs Fox or Fox vs Falco (who is basically Fox in Smash anyway), what is the fun in watching (for the spectators) and playing (for the pros) that? Obviously Melee is a really old game at this point and won't be patched, but I think it's a great example of a meta game stagnating.

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@corevi: Ah, that's right, I remember that now, my mistake

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@l33t_haxor: Yeah being a recent college grad without a job for 9 months of the year meant I needed a hobby I think, and hey Dota's free

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You're a talented man Patrick, it'll be fun to see where you end up, because you'll nail it.

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@slag: Yeah, that might have something to do with it. Good point.

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@rorie: If we're talking directly about Infamous, the version of the final mission you can do depends on if you're good or evil, so I imagine it just depends what you ended up being at the time you do that mission, if you alternated.

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Sweet, thank you much!

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@zevvion: Yeah, I agree that they aren't the impossible or anything and I don't think Coop was the specific focus of either the Royal Rat Vanguard or the Pursuer. They seem like more creative ways to make coop interesting where the Sentinels just put 3 of them in an arena and said "good luck, I hope you brought friends". The Rats are easy to crowd control with firestorm and similar spells, and really aren't that hard to funnel into a line that makes them easy to deal with without such spells. However, playing cooperatively would accomplish crowd control, and making getting overrun less likely, without breaking the boss fight. The Pursuer has the ballista that is much easier to use when its distracted by another player. It's not impossible to hit him with the ballista by yourself, nor is it impossible to beat him without even using the ballista, but it's so much easier that it seems like coop was being considered when they put the ballistae there in the first place.