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I bet this means great things content-wise for the site! But I feel for the Bombcast. It feels like a legendary band winding down, down to just two of its original members. The flavor of the Bombcast has changed a lot in just one year.

Vinny brought the energy to the Bombcast. Filling the void left behind by his departure will be difficult.

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Dark Souls is such a fascinating game.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or patience for it. In the time it'd take me to get good at Dark Souls and beat it, I could play through four other games that I enjoy right from the beginning. I guess I miss out on a level of satisfaction that I don't get from other games, but the frustration just isn't worth it for me. It's entirely a personal problem.

I'm glad it's getting the attention it deserves, and I hope I get to watch at least one of the bomb squad stream their adventures in Dark Souls 2.

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I know this thread is about journalism in general, but with the news that Weekend Confirmed is now over, what other gaming podcasts are left (besides the Bombcast)?

All I know of now is the CAGCast, which doesn't float my boat, unfortunately.

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I believe all expansions up to, and including, Cataclysm are included with the basic game. You'd need to buy Mists of Pandaria to check out that content.

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I really can't stand Jim Sterling. He's loud, brash, and annoying. Maybe I would like him more if he was my one-stop shop for gaming humor, but I keep up with Giant Bomb, Penny Arcade, Totalbiscuit, and Yahtzee. So I get all the same jokes but from people who aren't insufferable.

Judging from the video posted in this thread, and a few of his Jimquisition videos, I don't blame Microsoft for gray-listing him. They're a business. What would they gain by letting this guy get special early access to their games, if he's just going to make silly little parody videos?

"Sure, Jim Sterling, here's special early access to Halo 5. Oh, he's made a video about it! Things I Would Rather Do Than Play Halo 5. Let's see...'watch Biodome'...'eat a bowl of rubber'...'dive into a pit of hissing cockroaches'. Great! Get him on the shortlist for our event next week where we're showing off Destiny!"

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The art style takes some getting used to. I have no problem with it, but the character design does seem at odds with the actual world design which is quite beautiful.

The writing is NOT children's fare. It goes to some dark places. It's not going to make you question your place in the universe but it's well done. It starts off like a light fantasy romp and ends up in some bleak places, including the aftermath of a genocide.

I also thought the voice acting was exceptional for a downloadable game.

Give it a while.

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I wasn't as attached to Ryan as a lot of people were (still breaks my heart that he isn't around anymore), so I've listened to every Bombcast since.

Vinny still has that amazing energy he's always had. Maybe even moreso. Brad has recently backed off of the DOTA talk, which is great.

Jeff is still Jeff. He seems a little tired and run-down sometimes, which is completely understandable. When he gets a spark of energy in him, though, he's great.

I love Drew as a person but I wish he'd play more games that I was interested in. I know he's the chief video duder so his time to play games is limited, but I get kind of bored when all he's done that week is play some virtual reality racing game. Though this week he played some Beyond, which was great. He had some cool stuff to say about that. It would be nice if they'd bring another video guy or an intern or something. Take even a little bit off his shoulders so he has time to play one non-simulation game a week.

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I can't speak for everyone but I do feel the Bombcast has been lacking in oomph for the past few months - actually, probably since the media blitz from E3 ended.

I don't mind non-game talk as long as it's funny. I also don't mind when they talk about food and drink, being a fan of those things myself.

But, man. I know they're friends of the show, but all this Cards Against Humanity shit is getting tiresome. The last Bombcast I listened to (I think the one right after PAX) had Ryan prattling on about it for the first 40 minutes of the podcast. It's gotten more coverage than most legit releases do.

The pessimist in me just thinks that the guys are losing their interest in games.

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This story is spreading like wildfire. An article about it just went up on Penny Arcade.

I'm happy to see it's getting all this attention. The eSports scene needs help.

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@darkdragonmage99 said:

@Clutch414: Did I say it did ? This topic has two threads in it chick getting " harassed " and people thinking this kinda thing should be censored . You can call the guy a asshole all you want it's the censorship that pisses me off. Now personally I don't see this as harassment if you read the rest of my posts you'll know why. What he did was a joke sure a joke in bad taste a joke that may or may not have crossed the line But it was not harassment .

We don't want it to be 'censored'. We want it to stop happening. If it's censored, it still happens, and it's still harassment.

Asking a woman for her cup size, smelling her hair, and urging the cameaman to get a view of her ass is harassment.

All she was there for was to compete in the tournament. None of that garbage was necessary.

Much of the eSports/competitive community has done a piss-poor job of policing themselves. That's why articles like these are necessary, so that normal people with human decency get involved and force morons like this Bakhwhatever guy to shape up or ship out.

Being part of a community where hateful and disgusting actions are commonplace does not mean they're exempt from the standards of human decency that apply to everyone, ALL the time.

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