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If you used Paypal then I think @rorie has to manually hook your account up - he'll be on it.

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I've used them quite a few times from the UK and they've always been fine in my experience. As MB says, it's most likely your card issuer being protective, give them a call.

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I certainly did enjoy it, great work!

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Great, great, great!

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Restoring Windows from a system restore point is almost always the easiest and quickest solution if you think that installing or uninstalling a program has messed things up. Look in the Windows 8 Settings / Control Panel for Recovery and there should be an Open System Restore option. Pick a point just before all this started happening and you should be OK. If you've installed any programs since though you'll have to re-install them, but it should leave all your documents / photos etc alone.

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It's not quite the same as I don't remember prisoners behind glass, just upgrades, and the saw blades were side-on from memory, but maybe Midnight Resistance? Came out on a lot of computers, and I think for Mega Drive / Genesis.

Edit: actually, looking at the Genesis images here there is one with hostages in, so it's almost definitely it.

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Giantbomb currently use 3 different livestreaming solutions. One is Twitch, one is is essentially the Gamespot player, and the other is YouTube / Google Hangouts for the Scoops and the Wolf stuff. For Twitch streams there are a variety of apps that will allow you to watch, I currently prefer "Gameplay Alert Free". For the Gamespot player, which is what the premium content currently uses, because it is not HTML5 you would have to install Flash and a browser like Firefox or Dolphin, enable Flash support, and then try to watch. I had decent luck before installing Android 4.4 with this, but it has been more problematic since. You'll have to get the Flash for Android 4.4 apk file from the XDA Developers site and install it. I've not tried with the Youtube feature, but you should be able to watch live streams within the Youtube app if it isn't working on the site page - I'll have to check next time it is on. The app definitely does play live Youtube streams.

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I would guess they'll still be using Twitch, on their "Streaming now" page every stream listed is a Twitch stream.

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@demoskinos: Quick heads-up - before people start trying to click through on the "Where can I watch?" Twitch page link you've provided you might want to correct it - it's missing the "a" at the end of the hyperlink.