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I also get it, nothing wrong with my card, a lot of people have mentioned it. Someone stated that lowering their texture resolution fixed it. Hopefully it will be patched.

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Shame it's not Game Stock Car Extreme, at this point I can't justify buying rFactor2 given the state it appears to be in.

Having said that I'll probably get it at some point anyway, I would like to race a BTCC car in some sim. Probably wouldn't be able to race with you chaps as last time I tried with iRacing it was super late for me in the UK.

Best of luck!

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Well, you can actually play that version of Doom @yummylee, minus the silly COD bits - it's a mod called Brutal Doom.

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Allegedly you can fix it by using a mod called "OneTweak" after installing Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) - I think all it does is run it in a borderless windowed mode. Seems to be a common problem on Windows 8. You'll have to have a look into installing those two, they are easily found.

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If you used Paypal then I think @rorie has to manually hook your account up - he'll be on it.

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I've used them quite a few times from the UK and they've always been fine in my experience. As MB says, it's most likely your card issuer being protective, give them a call.

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I certainly did enjoy it, great work!

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Great, great, great!