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I don't know guys, a game about racing?! I'm all for innovation, but this just seems crazy.

Gamertag: Host Samurai

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@jouseldelka: I get like that with movies, when I walked out of the theater after watching Drive, I was so depressed from the ending. Then on the bus ride home, while listening to the soundtrack, I started to cry when "Oh My Love" by Riz Ortolani came on.

Then last week, after watching Iron Man 3, I felt invincible. I felt like I could do anything. Also, I went on a bender and bough five or six superhero movie themes on itunes, almost ten dollars in five minutes. Sadly for me, my wallet did not feel invincible.

Oh and then there was Prometheus, I was in a daze, a good one. The car ride home was strange, the night was cool and the sky full of stars. I just kept staring up at them, wanting to go visit them, more then anything in my life.

And Boston, not the band, the bombs. I got into a very dark mood, angry like you wouldn't believe. Fucking pissed that people the next day where just laughing and going on about their lives. Then there was these horrible urges to rip the guys that did it with giant claws and fangs. Really dark shit, the kind that makes me question my own sanity at times.

So yeah, mood swings are a bitch. I like to be able to tap into my emotions this easily, it feels good. But the dark clouds are always just around the corner and they hit at random and when they do, shit hits the fan. I'm just sort of sharing a bit my experience, no solutions here either, sorry. I doubt anyone will be able to say something that'll solve it, cos it don't work like that.

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Errr ... me?

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@Jimbo: Good point. I'll look into that. Thanks.

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@Sooty: We're both wrong. You're taking it to the absolute negative extreme and I'm doing the opposite. Jon Stewart, Woody Allen, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Vinny Caravella all New Yorkers. Sure you'll meet some weirdos, but you'll also be in the city those guys were burn. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."

... That makes us both Sith. All hail Darth Sooty.

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@ManMadeGod: That's true, but some of the duders have made some good points, but still it's something I need to do. Succeeding or failing, either way I'll learn from that experience.

It is a good idea, an idea I should have had years ago. So many impulse buys, so many unnecessary purchases. Some of the books haven't even been read ... so yeah, time to stop.

Thanks for the incentive, duder.

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@ShenaniganZ: Thanks duder, I'll be sure to wear a helmet an allegorical one.

@Dagbiker: People here are very wealthy and it shows. I'm sure it's not like that all over NY, but it is common knowledge that people in NY are a little rough around the edges .... I mean, Ghostbusters 2, am I right? But it's still a place that's a magnet to interesting people. The chances of a random encounter with someone larger then life is significantly higher in NY then anywhere else.

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@stryker1121: Endgame would be living in NY, having a regular job, a stable financial situation and be a published writer or filmmaker. Not best selling writer or blockbuster director, but you know, someone that has a medium to tell stories. I'll probably try and get a couple more skills along the way, learn a new language, something that makes my resume stand out.

@bemusedchunk: See, that's a level headed approach. I still fall prey to neurosis and think in absolutes. I'll mature, in time. GLHTDKR ... what?

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@bemusedchunk: That does put things in perspective, no offense. I'm just getting those heebie jeebies when you know you're slacking of days are over and shit is about to get real. That might pass and I put this whole thing in the back burner for a couple more years until I have some money saved, some more experience and actually visited NY.

Good luck to you duder.

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@SpartyOn: That is not encouraging at all. Plus Frisco being the second most expensive city in the US is also a disappointment. Thanks for the article.

@Swoxx: But wait, if you know the truth does that mean you're the one writing my story, which is actually your story. So I'm a fictionalized version of you ... or .... we're acting like fools on the internet.

We'll never know .... *twilight zone theme*