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13 million! My lucky number.

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I'm not sure what the catch is, or if there is one, but IGN is offering Hitman Go for free. I've wanted to have the game ever since I watched Brad and Vinny strain their brains on it.

Here is the link:

I'm not a prime member on their site, I just clicked get free game on my iPad browser, clicked the code, and installed it.

Referenced from Slickdeals:

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I want to party! RSVP!

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Server down?

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Absolutely sad and shocking. I didn't want to believe this was true. My condolences to his wife and the whole Giant Bomb crew, Ryan Davis will be missed.

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So the server is still down?

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@randomhero666: Yeah I have an Assembling Machine hooked up with two storage buses, which is causing the crash. I didn't think I would be able to get to it since it loads the chunk, but if you got to that floor then I'll try to get to the machine and disable it. Not the big square machine btw, one of the machines on the side to the left.

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Hey guys, stay away from my volcano for the time being. There's a crash issue with one of the machines I had connected to the applied energistics network. I've messaged Darkstar, and the crash will occur any time someone enters my base.

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That hand looks alien, but the rest is good. Thanks for sharing.

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