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I wanted to but the last couple times I've checked Amazon it says it's unavailable. T_T

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I have two characters so I hope it isn't an issue:

Lucretia@morkaithewolf (My current one that is more fun for me)
Kaito Coilbone@morkaithewolf (My main but rarely play it)

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(Sorry for the blur) Nothing super fancy and the only thing that's changed is I have an upgraded webcam and a desk chair. (Was using a medicine ball as a chair for a bit)

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We learn the website name is all one giant metaphor referencing Lost. It's why Patrick mentions it so much, to clue us in for the inevitable future.

Better get those premium subscriptions!

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107 of which 70 are installed. I think I've played maybe 30-40% of the list and that's just lack of time.

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I just recently moved to Missouri for a job and to be quite honest, I don't know the area very well and since I'm finally on my open I've been trying to...what's the word, reinvent myself? Trying to become more outgoing, meet new people and the like. So, what I would like to know is do any of you live in Kansas City, Missouri? It'd be awesome to meet some fellow duders (or dudettes if you prefer) who may know the area better than me.

Anyone out there? (Be awesome to have someone to discuss the google fiber with that's being installed in my neighborhood too!)

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A fellow Legend of Dragoon fan! Awesome! I just started playing that on my PSP and man, the nostalgic memories made me all warm and fuzzy inside! Does it look as good on the PS3 on a tv? I was worried of the up scaling ruining the dimensions and whatnot.

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Does it count if I read the worst view on a product I'm already sold on? I usually do that just to see what are some of the worst experiences people have with a particular product. Not once has it persuaded me to not buy something but still, I go in expecting the worst so anything good is an automatic win in my head. (That sounds so weird just typing and saying that in my head...)

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Big difference between fired and being laid off. Slow your roll people.

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@flappy said:

If it ain't black, it ain't Giantbomb.

^--Basically this.