Hey everyone! :) 
Year is coming to a end and more games still is released. I haven't bought all the games I have wanted (yet) because I don't feel like paying 60-70e for a call of duty, or medal of honor. Maybe when I can get those games littlebit cheaper then I will buy. But I still have big amount of games I haven't finished. I wrote blog on my gamespot account some time ago what games I have to fnisih. I did get about 35 games or so. in 2 months I finished about 8-10 games which is good "work" (yay me!) but now that I check my game shelf I notice that I'm at least same point I was couple months ago, maybe even more! GT5 is almost "finished". Of course there is much to do, but main "quest" is almost done. Then there is assassin's creed brotherhood, castlevania, sly collection, prince of persia HD collection and many many more.  I have been playing assassin's creed brotherhood again and now that I'm sick (again!) I will try and finish the game this week. Then probably I'm going back to GT5 and I will start Sly collection which I have wanted to play long time!  Yeah... so back to gaming and of course resting! :) 
- MorkkiTH -


Is this good or bad decision? Time will tell...

I just ordered PSP GO. price tag: 179e but it comes with 10 games. Games are: 
MotorStorm: Arctic Edge
Fifa 2010 World Cup
Need for Speed Shift
Gran Turismo
Avatar: The Game
Gran Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
Wipeout Pure
Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines
Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice     
Question here is: Why I bought this PSP GO? (why a handheld?) answer: My work travel is about 45min long (train) if there isn't any delays. My fridays trip was 1h 30min! It's a long time. Yes I did listen music and watched some videos on my Ipod but I was thinking again "I could be playing games at this moment" So again I started to think should I buy handheld gaming device? I searched littlebit and I checked Ipod, psp and Nintendo DS gaming offers. price was of course big thing and quality of the games. It was also important that device could with easily to my pocket. DS is pretty expensive (about 170-200e) without games. good games even if I would buy them somewhere else than Finland would cost me about 30-60e. Then I found about this great offer about PSP GO. 179e and 10 games (free). With PSP GO I don't have to worry about UMD Discs or anything else. Everything would be on the flash memory. so.... I'm getting PSP GO upcoming week :) I will tell you my thoughts when I receive it :)


GT5 and nothing

Just very small blog... As a racing fan I'm very disapointed that GranTurismo 5 is delayed... again! I have played GT5 prologue to help ease the pain but when I see all the pictures and trailers about the game I get so anxious. Come on Polyphony Digital, finish the game!


E3 2010 is over!

 3 is pretty much over for this year. The big three and couple others did show us what they have and I will tell you my final opinions about these news.


Couple very interesting games; Gears Of War 3 and Halo Reach. Then there is Fable 3, I still haven't finished Fable 2 so I have no expectations for this game. Maybe when I have finished second one. Kinect (Did I write right now?  ) was something which I was interested but after the show my thoughts were "WHAT?!". We did see pretty much Wii games on the x360, I mean BAD wii games. Yes it's cool when you can flip of your hand change pages of you x360 "pages" and if you want to watch movies you can use your hands but if there isn't any real hardcore games then it's just not worth it. and again! Where were the games?!

Score: 7/10


After the catastrophe of the MS show I was little bit scared what Nintendo would give us. More casual games? But luckily Nintendo did give us great show and they did show us lots of hardcore games. Even when I don't own wii anymore it's nice to see that Wii gamers are getting new hardcore games! There were Metroid Other M, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Kirby(wau!), golden sun ect. and if this wasn't enough they did show us 3DS. My face was about 10cm away from the screen at this point Anf if this wasn't enough they did show us Kid Icarus game and told us that there were coming Zelda, mario and many more games for the 3DS. They didn't announce any release dates or price but I'm sure we don't see 3DS this year and price will be 200-300e. and of course they will drop DS prices.

Score: 9/10


I'm mainly PS3 player so this was my number one interest on the E3. So what did Sony show us? Last year when they did show us the Move I was skeptical and I was afraid that now Sony is going after the casual market like Nintendo and Microsoft. Yes there were some casual games but I was really suprised how many hardcore games are coming to Move. And many games are getting Move update. If you (like I am) going to buy all what you need then It's going to cost you about 100e/d. Luckily my birthday is couple days after the release of the Move so maybe I can get this for my gift   There were lots of games shown us also but many we had seen before the show already. Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space Extraction, Portal 2 (Suprise that big PS3 hater did come to the show and praised the PS3!), Motorstorm 3 (which seems to more interesting than Motorstorm 2), inFamous 2, Sorcery (Move game), Heroes on the move, Socom 4, LBP2, Patapon 3 (PSP), Kingdom hears (PSP), Final Fantasy XIV and Gran Turismo 5 (Finally a release date!). Where was The Last Guardian?

Sony also told about 3D gaming which at this point is just a gimmick. 3DS don't require 3D glasses and if Sony or MS can't bring this kind of technology to the consoles I'm not going to buy anything. If Sony want's to bring us real 3D games then remove the glasses then come talk to me.

There was also little bit talk about PSN+. it's going to cost about 50e/year. This will give access to games, extra content ect which otherwise you wouldn't get. And with year subscription you are going to get about 200e worth of games ect for free! online gaming and what PSN offers at the moment will be free also in the future 

Score: 9/10

EA and Ubisoft

Ubisoft show was bad, I mean really bad! There was only two games I want. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. And what was that "lasertag" game all about?! No no no and again NO!

EA show was much better but not perfect. It's good to see that Need For Speed serie is going to back to it's original things. Well just have to see how this works on present day. Is it enough...(?) They did show us more about Crysis 2 which looks amazing and I'm waiting PS3 release (I don't have good PC). Medal Of Honor which seems to more interesting than new COD game for me... Dead Space 2 looks and feels great, Bulletstorm, EA Sports MMA and of course there was lots of casual games also...

it seems that EA has great games coming out and well see how things work out for them. Ubisoft was like I did say. Very dissapointing! Only 2 games coming out (which interest me) and Ghost Recon is coming out 2011... and Brotherhood is pretty much Assassin's Creed 2.5.

Ubisoft: 6/10, EA: 8/10

In The End

E3 wasn't that big or great I expected but I still give 8.8/10. Next is... TGS if remember correctly and I'm sure that every company is going to give us something new there. Well just have to wait couple months. if you managed to read all congratulations!  Comments are welcome 

Games Of E3 (2009)

So E3 is over and I got pretty much I wanted from E3 this year  Much better shows than last year and lots of interesting games. Then I started to think how many games there is coming this year(and next) which I would want. So here is the list:

PS3 Exclusive:

Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time
White Knight Chronicles
Ucharted 2: Among Thieves
Gran Turismo 5
Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer

2010 or later
The Last Guardian
God Of War 3
FFXIV Online



Fight Night Round 4
Brutal Legend
Moder Warfare 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum
Assassin's Creed 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Dragon Age Origins
Bioshock 2

Army Of Two: The 40th Day

Release dates isn't confirmed on all games but year 2009 will be great year for us gamers! If I would buy all the "must buy" games of x360, Wii, DS and PSP I would go bankcrupt very quickly!  I left Prototype, Red faction and... out of the list because those are released in couple days... How many games I got there...(?) ... 20 games!!! and only 6 are coming next year. So it's about 14 games for this year  Have you thought which games are you going to get this year? 

At last FFVII did come to EU psn store!  I downloaded it yesterday and I have been playing it couple hours at the moment. Game brings lots of good memories! Last time I played FFVII was about 5 years ago. Game still have that something which want's me to play this game!  I have also played infamous couple days now and it's been lots of fun!. I'm at the second island and I'm playing good side. I'm going to play probably bad side also but I'm not sure when... so many games which I have to play 


The BIG Three


Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo did held their press conferences. I'm pretty sure that there is lots of this kind of blog post but still, I will share my opinion too   I'm not going to tell everything what happened in these conferences. Mainly what I thought important ect. I'm pretty sure that everyone has seen these press conferences and know what I'm talking and everyone has his/her own opinions, so I don't want fanboys here commenting!!! We all are gamers and love gaming so be nice and have fun 


Last couple E3 conferences what Nintendo has shown has been disappointing and sadly this year isn't anything new  Nintendo seems to continue to make games to casual gamers. Yes, I know that there is lots of money in casual games but what about hardcore gamers?! At the moment I don't own any nintendo console. There is couple reasons. I don't have enough money to buy games to multiple consoles and other reason is that there is no good games on Wii. There are lots of good games on the DS but at the moment I want to play "home" console. So... I have owned 2 DS handheld's and been thinking if I should buy Wii. Nintendo's conference did make me not want this console!  But...! Then what about games?

There was couple interesting new games introduced: new metroid prime (wii), Super mario galaxy 2 (wii), red steel 2 (wii), Golden Sun (DS) and zelda spirit track (DS). Other wii games wasn't that interesting. I have to save some money and that's is one reason why I'm not buying new console at the moment... I could reason this somehow to my fiancee...  oh and what the f*** was that heartbeat meter (or what it was called...?)?!?!?!? Are you f****** kidding me?!

It's sad that Nintendo's conference was the weakest of all three. I was waiting so much more!


I was eager to see what Microsoft would bring and there was lots of good stuff! They announced this new full body motion sensor and showed what you could do with it. Also that conversation with that "boy" was cool but little bit creepy  But it was cool! it would be cool if you could in the game ask all the question yourself from a game character. I mean really ask. I hope they implement this somehow in the near future. Peter molyneux wasvery excited about this. Peter is excited pretty much anything Also that skateboard game seems to kick new tony hawk's game a** . But i'm also little bit skeptic if this technology really works that well. We just have to wait and see.

Microsoft brings also some good games: 

Mass effect 2 (wasn't shown in the press conference but still), Forza motorsport 3, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, Crackdown 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Halo ODST and new halo reach. What else... oh and metal gear rising is also coming to xbox360! These all are only on xbox360! (Left 4 dead 2 is also on the PC)

There was also shown beatles rockband but that's also coming to other platforms... But as you see x360 have good lineup this and next year. There was also shown some new features which you will be getting. Better quality of videos (full 1080p) and no downloading. They didn't mention that you will be needing good Internet connection. I don't need this kind of feature, but I admit that lots of people want's this kind of stuff and it's good that Microsoft is listening. Very good and interesting show 


I was mostly waiting this press conference because I mainly play with PS3 (owned PSP long time ago). Sony did show new motion controller thingy. It was lots like wii contoller but it had some odd ball in the end of controller. I really hope they get it off before releasing the final version! They did show pretty much same kind of things like Nintendo did. So nothing extra special. Some archering (which was done same like with wii controller but looked better), some 1st person shooter, swords and drawing. Like I mentioned this is pretty much same what Nintendo has shown us before. I think this is only mainly attracting casual gamers. Yes I will test this one too, but worth getting...? maybe... maybe not.

New PSP model is coming, which is called PSP Go. There is now UMD drive and it is smaller, lighter than old psp. I think older psp looks much better than PSP Go. PSP Go is pretty good looking but still ugly, I don't know why... maybe it's just me. It has 16Gt flash memory but I think that isn't enough but luckily you can put more. I still like to buy my games on disc.

So what games Sony brings:

Assassin's Creed PSP, , FFXIV (14), Metal Gear Solid PSP, MAG, Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo PSP, Trico, ModNation racers, Uncharted 2, Agency, God Of War 3.There is also new DLC costumes ect coming to LittleBigPlanet. Oh and FFVII is on the US PSN store! Why sony!?!?! Why us europeans haven't got this?!?!?! (Question: can I buy US stuff if I have us account? I have credit card but I have only bought eu stuff... Am I banned or something If I buy US stuff? If I can I'm going to get this like... right now!)

and more: Assassin's Creed 2, FFXIII, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Ghostbusters, Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 ect. Assassin's Creed 2 looks great and fighting looks much more fun and double hidden blades looks awesome!  I have very high hopes for this game!

Very good show from Sony!

In The End

First the winner: Sony. Nope this isn't fanboyism. It was pretty hard to choose between Microsoft and Sony. Both did bring good new stuff. Microsoft did bring new Metal gear, full body camera ect. Sony did bring new psp, motion controller, lots of interesting games. Both have their old series coming like halo, forza motorsport, god of war and gran turismo. I got pretty excited about FFXIV even if it is online game. And it's coming 2010!

I did manage to watch these shows live  I still have to watch EA, and rest of the ubisoft's press conference. There is still lots of stuff coming! E3 isn't over so let's have fun and enjoy! 


Trying To Come Back

I've not been active here. I've been coming here to watch some videos and to listen podcast but that's pretty much it. But now I'm trying to come back! I hope...


Thoughts About SW: Force Unleashed And R&C: Quest For Booty

I have played Star Wars demo trough couple times and I have to say that it's good game. Some minor bad things here and there but I hope they fix those problems before they release the game (September 19 here in Finland/Europe.) I really did like how the force powers work and you will get better force powers when playing the full game! Planets where you will go looks amazing and there are lots of things going on in the  background! Graphics looks nice but nothing extra super cool new. But maybe biggest thing about this game that I'm looking for is the story! How will everything go? Will I battle against emperor or Darth Vader?! Will I meet familiar faces? what else?!

I didn't know about Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty until one month ago and this is good, because I did get so excited about this game when I did hear this! I downloaded this right away and started playing. I won't say anything about the story because I'm sure that there is gamers who hasn't played this game yet. Humour is pretty much the same, but because there is no clank or captain Qwark(?) humour is littlebit different and dry. Game isn't very long but still it is satisfying and  was good snack before they release next big game in this serie (coming in fall 2009!) Because there was lots of great weapons in the R&C TOD I wanted more weapons in this game, but sadly there isn't much. you get weapons when they are lvl3 and you can upgrade weapons to lvl5. There is some hidden weapon upgrades all over the game which I did find almost all but there isn't much difference.  In the end Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty is must buy if you did like Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction!


PSN update

Yes! PSN did get new update today and there is couple games that I really wanted to play! First one is Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty (Downloading...) and Star Wars: Force Unleashed Demo (Downloading...). I really did enjoy Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction and I'm pretty sure that this small sequel is going to keep me entertained for a while! :) Also I have been interested on Force Unleashed when I saw it's first trailer! So yay! :D:D:D

Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction
Star Wars Force Unleashed

Also there was couple videos at the Leipzig gaming convention. I haven't yet watchet those... I have seen Heavy train trailer where they show actual gameplay footage and especially characters looks amazing! I'm very excited about this game! I hope they can keep package in condition and release the game as fast as possible!

Keep on gaming!