It's been long time since my last blog post

Like my title said it's been long time since I have written something in my blog (except my "mini blogs if you can call it those...)


So what I have been doing? My job is going ok. I have been doing lots of work and money is good. it just that couple days ago my co-worker said that couple guys got laid off and there is rumour that company will be out sourcing my department so I'm little nervous about that because that means pretty much all workers will get fired... I'm pretty sure that I can get job at my last work place so I'm not that worried. Money is just much better in my current job...

My daughter is growing and she is 8 months now. She is going so fast that sometimes it's hard to keep track where she is going :P

My dogs are well also :) I'm hoping that we will get 3rd dog but this dog must be my oldest dogs puppies but there is only one little problem... There is no proper father candidate :/ Our Neighbor offered her long haired collie but that isn't the best breed I want (not bad either) but there is certain breeds I want. All of you who don't know my both dogs are mix breeds (oldest 3yo, german Shepard/terrier/Tibet mastiff mix and youngest 2yo, Ireland red setter/south-Russian Shepard mix)


When the year 2012 started I wasn't playing much, it was pretty much none. But after maybe two months I got annoyed that I haven't been playing so I picked the game controller and after that I have been playing much more. It still isn't much but it's something :) Lately I have been playing FFXIII-2 (PS3), Tales Of The Abyss (3DS), Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS), Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS), Uncharted (VITA), Super Stardust HD (VITA), Journey (PSN) and much much more. I haven't finished as many games I would want but good amount still. I really need more games on my VITA because I have finished all my vita games (4 games) I have about 50 games I haven't finished! (AGAIN!) before my daughter was born this number was about 10... about 30 games are PS3/PSN and about 20 are 3DS games.

I bought PS Vita even that I did have some concerns about the system but after I played and finished couple games I have to say that Vita has great potential to come something big. Sony just have to bring enough games which screams "VITA!" and price drop would be too bad either...

3DS has gotten steady gaming love for me but is this going to change? I know that there is games coming but those games are long way to go and like all the big games on 3DS has seen release date changes.

- MorkkiTH -