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I have been having some stomach problems, so I switched coffee to tea.(I still drink one or two cups in a week) I favor black tea. and I like different flavors like vanilla, forest berries, blackcurrant...

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GB is the best place to be! :) It's always nice to have good relationships with your family. Who you can trust if not family?! I have had 3DS since start and this year has been great! and there is still many games coming! (Here in Finland at least). You just try to relax, play some awesome games and enjoy rest of the year 2013! :) and Happy thanksgiving! :) oh and make sure to send me a message or two sometime :)

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Mass Effect 3 (PS3) and yes I highly recommend this game! :) It's not the best game of the series but still excellent game.

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I have to say Metal Gear series in whole.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2

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No... F*!¤*'@ way! and can you play certain games if you don't have this device? And this of course means that Nintendo is going to bring new 3DS with second analog stick. Nintendo! you make it really hard to love you!

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I hope they bring some new content too. 

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No alcohol... Coca Cola.

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42" FullHD LCD TV, PS3 (500gig hdd, 4 controllers + Move), Xbox360 elite (2 controllers), 5.1 hometheater, I have also Tritton AX Pro 5.1 gaming headset, I play from big couch.

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mmm... I already have the prince of persia collection. Is this news for the US version...? (I live in europe)

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