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I was shocked at how hideous the graphics were in the 360 version. I guess they really had to trim it down to keep the loading times and framerate up. But MAN. It's so ugly. Sad for such a pretty game on PS4.

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I couldn't tell what in the world was going on at any point. Looks like a mess.

Honestly, there's a reason we don't make games look like this: they were always incomprehensible on the Game Boy. They're better now. Different colors and shading are a good thing.

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I recently got into NHL 13 since a lot of guys I work with love to play it and we go during lunch to play. We even keep track of our standings and power rankings and hold tournaments after 24 games. It's nuts and lots of fun. We just upgraded to NHL 14 and were bummed to see that this year's game is so messed up, but we really only use the basic online versus modes on multiple Xboxes/TVs so the missing modes isn't even something we'd miss. Still, we'll wait for NHL 16 which will hopefully be better.

We haven't updated the webpage in a month, but our stuff is here. So crazy that this game could inspire this in us, since I've never been a sports guy.

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I was born in 1988. So...I guess I just barely was alive in 1989. I win?

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@marokai said:

If the conversation has been taken over by a vocal minority who only seek to tear people down, why aren't you trying to take the focus of the conversation away from them? You're a member of the media, you have a louder megaphone, you have the ability more than the rest of us to help steer the larger narrative; why haven't you tried doing so, then?

I saw a tweet from Alex pop through my feed earlier that complained about how the dialogue has been stolen by loudmouths and how much of a bummer that is; why has that been allowed to be the case? The only thing I've seen people try to do about it has just been to bitch back at them, which is counter-productive and in Patrick's Tedx talk was a big no-no. So what do we do about it?

We apparently can't change the topic, either, because some people are being too vile right now before the rest of us can have an adult conversation about something separate since... that totally makes sense and wouldn't be an invalid rationale against any other burning issue in history ever. "Police brutality? Sorry, we can't have that conversation right now with all these riots going on." I'm sure that's how we all think about that, right? In practice, the refusal to engage with any of the criticisms associated with the "GamerGate" silliness while any harassment continues, means that we never will, because there's always going to be some level of harassment going on somewhere.

Harden vs. Harden. Whoever wins, we lose.

So, we can't moderate these people out of existence, because it's real life and we're not Gods. We obviously shouldn't try fighting with them on our own because that only incites a mob. But we can't talk about anything tangentially related to it while any harassment goes on, either, so the topic can't ever change. I'm beginning to see why this isn't getting any better.

What's going on right now is basically the scene from Pokemon where Metapod fights Metapod.

Another thing that comes up is that people on any side of the argument are lumping way too many disparate people into the same groups together. You have legitimate concerns about how close Zoe Quinn is to certain journalists or how she's berated, slandered and harassed people that disagree with her? You must be a sexist misogynist and internet troll too! But then there's the opposite...people with concerns that paint all sympathetic games media people, even trustworthy decent folk like Patrick, as being in some kind of secret cabal with each other and should be boycotted. Neither of these helps things and neither paints an accurate picture of the bigger discussion going on.

I really enjoyed a lot of this article and how it paints these issues with a fairly moderate, middle-ground and level-headed approach.

Also: nobody deserves to be treated the way they are on the internet sometimes (or all the time, as it is for some media figures). I've been "yelled at" and harassed on Twitter and Facebook because of my religious, conservative views and it does take a toll on your psyche when that happens. All voices have a place unless they are actively trying to shut other voices out and restrict others' freedoms.

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Lots of guys I know are really excited because Damian Lillard is on the cover and he played for my local university, Weber State. I gently reminded them that NBA Live got a 36 on Metacritic last year, so it's unfortunate that he's on the cover of a bad game. Still, it's cool to get that kind of bigger attention I guess.

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I'd totally play this. You know, if it's competent.

And I'd be shocked if it didn't end up getting ported to Wii U. There's too much hot Poké-money to be made there.

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Also @danryckert I think you eventually get it, but just to review:

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@def said:

@doctordonkey said:

The Mega Man Zero stuff was some of the best Mega Man style gameplay Capcom did in years. The first 3 games are really challenging and fantastic. Super bummed they just completely dropped it.

The irony being that Capcom didn't do it but Inti Creates ;)

Mmm see and I feel like the Mega Man Zero/Mega Man 9&10 stuff was really weak straight-up Mega Man stuff all told. (I guess the ZX games were a lot worse, but still). I liked Mega Man 8 (sort of) but basically the whole series has fallen off for me since Mega Man X2. It just felt like they made games brutally hard in a really unfair way, and I say that as someone who got obsessive and finally beat Mega Man Zero 1, 2 and 3 on the harder difficulties and has loved the series since I was a little kid. They just felt messed up, not like the thrilling challenge of a Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls or something.

That being said, I may check this out just to see what's up with it. I don't really like this studio's past work though. Hmmm...

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I think the local co-op has sold me on getting the console version rather than PC. I already have Torchlight II for all my clicking needs...