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Dude whatever. I always thought and still hold firmly that Banjo-Kazooie is better than Super Mario 64 in every single conceivable way. Mario 64 was revolutionary but is hugely overrated as to overall design. Banjo has better level design, music, visual style and presentation, sense of humor, controls and characters. I can't think of a thing Mario 64 does better than that game.

Banjo-Tooie was kind of a bummer though overall and Donkey Kong 64 was lousy garbage. Nuts & Bolts is a neat departure but just wasn't all there for me. Conker, surprisingly, despite the lowbrow and crass humor, was one of the more novel and interesting platformers of the generation. I never thought Rayman 2 was as good as people claimed either but it was okay.

For me though, Super Mario Galaxy is the pinnacle of all 3D platformers. We got one of those in 2010 so they're not completely dead, but if people could deliver Nintendo style quality that way it would be neat to see more. But if they're like...Glover or Gex or Croc or Tonic Trouble or any of those crap games, no thanks.

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Does this look dramatically better than MLB 14? I mean I bought that when I got my PS4 but have played it like three maybe I shouldn't think about upgrading.


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All I needed to know. First day purchase for me!

Nintendo needs to get on making a proper 2D Metroid game for the Wii U. Or at least the 3DS. Something already!

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I had a similar Simpsons game renting problem as Dan, but it was Bart's Nightmare for the SNES. I remember it looked pretty cool and had interesting variety, but controlled like complete crap and was absolutely impossible. Also, it was really surreal and creepy.

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I kind of figured the enemy wait time was just something they were still working out in the demo. Didn't realize it was an unskippable part of the main game. Sheesh, Advance Wars and Fire Emblem let you speed through and skip enemy animations (or just plain turn them all off) if you want. I don't understand the lack of the option.

And I still have XCOM and Valkyria Chronicles to play. Guess I'm skipping this one.

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Jorge Drexler mentions a "cámara oscura" in this song so I'm posting it.

I just freaking love Jorge Drexler.

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I played a fair bit of Happy Street back when I first got my iPhone a couple years ago. It was interesting to see how the free-to-play hooks worked and whether a game could be interesting on its own merits while also trying to get you to pay money for extra stuff. I eventually got tired of the slog and repetition, and have never been the kind to get sucked exclusively into one "addicting" game, but I can see where people end up getting trapped into these things. It would be nice if they were more discerning I guess and had more self respect than that.

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If this shows up at Red Box I'll totally check it out. Can't hurt.

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@ripelivejam said:

I thought soul calibur 2 was the agreed on high point.

@mormonwarrior said:

Soul Calibur II is the best Soul Calibur. COME AT ME

Tekken as a series, though, is much stronger for sure.

You guys are right. Like, it's not even close, 2 is by far the best.

I mean, original Soul Calibur is a good game for sure, but 2 is just so much better. It refined everything, and added good characters, like Talim.

Everything SC3 and onward is completely retarded though.

Yeah it seems the games press is deadset on thinking the relatively clunky and ugly Dreamcast game is the best somehow. For the time I can see why it was cool, but II was a much more polished, interesting game overall and didn't have the annoying baggage that the subsequent games did (custom equipment, armor break, etc.)