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Do digital purchases from the old 3DS models carry over?

I think they've made that possible. But it's probably Nintendo-y and convoluted, not just signing in and re-downloading stuff.

I did the transfer process last year from a crappy used 3DS XL to a nicer new one, and it was pretty much painless. They have an option right in the settings to transfer everything right over, and then you either move your SD card from the old to the new or you transfer all the files to the new 3DS's SD card on your PC. It's pretty simple actually, surprisingly so.

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Why is this so difficult?

I really wish I could like this post.

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Yes, I hated it an awful lot. The more I've gone back to it and tried to see if I was just in a bad mood, I've seen that it's just a mess of a game. It has a smattering of good ideas, but the inconsistent art style, the omnipresent obnoxious, personality-free sidekick character Fi, the complete lack of navigational freedom, the boring dungeons and bosses, and the gimmicky controls ultimately just led to me hating nearly every moment of the game. I've seriously played every game in the series multiple times, and I think I'll never go back to Skyward Sword because it was such a lousy experience.

I ruminate on each game in the series and where I'd place them in a numbered list here, if you're interested. I really love the series in general but man, Skyward Sword freaking sucks. It's a good thing A Link Between Worlds was so good, because I had just about lost my faith in the series as a whole after Twilight Princess was kind of boring and uninteresting too.

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@pekoe212: The XL came out 3 years ago. It's not even close to a yearly thing.

It came out in late July of 2012. That's barely two years ago. Yeah, it's not a replacement model annually, but the 2DS came out just last year and the regular 3DS came out in 2011. I can see why some people would get fatigued about this, though I'm not personally bothered. I'd like the 3DS XL to be a little fancier than it is, honestly.

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What's especially hilarious about this is before the announcement was made, I was just thinking about how I'd totally get a new premium model of 3DS XL if they came out with it. No joke. I was thinking about that on the pot at work today.

What I'm trying to say is I have precognitive abilities.

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Nah. I feel like he's good on occasion but his personality can be a little insufferable from time to time.

No hate, I just think a little Rorie goes a long way on podcasts.

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Well I'm a sucker. I'll definitely pick one up.

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I got Halo Reach for free already for being a part of a beta program for Microsoft back in 2010 or 2011. That was pretty rad. Also, I already have Monaco on PC, but I'm glad my friend will be able to check it out and get good at it so we can play it together.

Super Time Force is really rad too. These are great games this month.

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That's pretty grand. I was hoping they'd announce DLC. Hope they go back and retool the battle mode at some point too. And weren't they going to put in Diddy Kong at one point?

A part of me would totally pay $60+ for them to just make new versions of every single course in the previous seven Mario Kart games and make this just the ultimate Mario Kart experience period. But that's crazy.

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That white bundle is awful tempting...I'll decide after reviews hit and I hear the Bombcast discussion about it.