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I actually can't enjoy games when I can't identify with the main character. GTA, Red Dead Redemption, God of War...there are a number of games where your main character is such an irredeemably horrible human being that I just don't want to play through them. Watch Dogs has this exact same vibe to me, and it's made me not even want to give it a shot even though I got it free with my video card. After playing just the intro, I'm already done with it.

Nice write up. I definitely have felt that way about characters and stories in games before.

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The original Xbox was always a weird thing for me. I had a ban against M-rated games until I was 18 and wasn't into first person shooters at all. I've always been a serious Nintendo fan too, though my family got a PS2 for Christmas back in 2001 instead of the GameCube because it had DVD playback functionality. So the Xbox was always this completely pointless waste of space in my mind - a machine built for Halo, a game I had zero interest in and wouldn't play anyway, that had almost no good exclusives and an incomprehensibly bad giant controller. When I got a GameCube with my own money a year later, I had access to every game I could possibly want - Square's RPGs on the PS2, all the freaking awesome Nintendo stuff on the GameCube, and I was set.

In 2006, the Xbox 360 suddenly became very appealing to me. Oblivion, GRAW, Viva Piñata and Gears of War all seemed really, really neat. Geometry Wars was insane looking, and I was captivated by the possibilities of the new system. I didn't have even near the amount of money I would have needed, though, so I started looking into the original Xbox to try games I didn't traditionally like. I borrowed a friend's console and played Halo, Halo 2, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Knights of the Old Republic and I found a very interesting western development flavor to all the games that wasn't present on either of the other consoles. Then there's stuff now that I wish I had tried - Otogi, Jade Empire, and a handful of interesting other games that were either exclusive or had a PC counterpart only, which was impossible for me to experience (the first time I've ever had a PC that could reasonably play good games on is right now).

So on the one hand, especially with all the third-party stuff available on it, I could see how somebody could have been satisfied with the Xbox, but not me. On the other hand, it is still a distant third to the other two consoles that generation for me. The GameCube was easily, far and away the winner with its mindbogglingly good exclusives like Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4 (a lesser port eventually showed up on PS2), Wind Waker, Pikmin 2 and Smash Bros. Melee. The PS2 had a small handful of games I really enjoyed like Final Fantasy X, Sly Cooper, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest VIII and...well, not much else really. It had a huge library of games I thought were just fine but not terribly interesting, to be honest. There's been interesting games to go back and play though, like Persona 3 and 4, Amplitude and the MGS games. And then the Xbox had literally nothing I was interested in until I branched out when I was 18 and 19 and tried some new kinds of games. Even then, only Ninja Gaiden Black and the original Halo stand out to me as particularly memorable.

That's my spiel. Hope you enjoyed.

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I don't love any games that nobody likes (because I don't like bad games) but how about this: Mega Man X. Every time the "best Mega Man game" discussion comes up it's almost always an immediate acceptance of 2 with the potential argument for 3. Mega Man X is far and away the best game in the series. It's smart, tightly-paced, takes all the best things about the old games and leaves behind many of the old contrivances and annoyances...and it has a rippin' soundtrack and great level/boss designs to boot. It's easily one of my top five favorite games ever, but it often gets left behind in Mega Man discussions by the mainstream gaming media.

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I got a 128 GB SSD for my operating system and program files and a 2TB HDD for all my games, pictures, videos, etc. It's treated me well so far and it was like $160 total for both.

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I got it on 360, and while they ended up handling it decently (second episode didn't work so they sent out codes, etc.) they launched the game fundamentally broken on that platform. It hitched up and lagged so much that the action scenes were unplayable and the loading times between scenes was unbearable. Also, it's been discussed before, but that story really didn't work well with such dramatically long breaks between episodes. I'm not going to remember callbacks to the first episode when I played that back in November.

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People should not play Legend of Dragoon. It was always a bad imitation of the good PlayStation RPGs. And getting into a random battle takes like fifteen minutes every time. It's the worst.

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You use the black layout? Monster.

You use the white layout? Monster who hates their eyes.

The white layout is for jerks. Black layout for life!

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Alvin didn't survive episode 2 for me, so it's interesting to hear what happened to him.

I felt like it was a strong episode, though I feel like the now-typical Telltale "grey area" morality that sprang up a little bit didn't actually make sense here. Carver was clearly 100% a bad guy and living with him wasn't safe as he was bound to randomly murder you if you didn't follow his exact idea for what you needed to do at any time. Reggie was trying and still died. So I told them at the end to just shoot him. He'd proven to be such a threat already and would relentlessly hunt us down if he survived, so he needed to die. I definitely didn't stick around to watch Kenny brutalize him though. A shot to the head would've sufficed.

Also, chopping Sarita's arm was the cold, logical thing to do to give her a chance at survival. So I did it, even though it left her horrified. I feel that fits very much with the way Clem is growing and learning in this twisted, broken world.

I don't know where the rest of the season is going in the next two episodes. Carver and his crew seemed to be the constant thread across all the episodes, and now that he's gone...I have no idea what story they're telling anymore apart from basic survival. I don't know what motivations or drive are left. It will be interesting to see where it goes, and hopefully they didn't already blow the big story halfway through.

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EXCEPT HE KEEPS PUSHING THAT FALSE ARGUMENT THAT WE JUST DISCREDITED. Awful, awful, awful. That whole sequence is just poorly written to push Telltale's agenda to make the player question who is in the right and who is in the wrong, but there's not nearly enough there to hold that angle up. To invest so much time (it was awfully drawn out) in that angle and then have Nerissa come in and say "LOL NAH HE'S A SHITHEAD" was just ughhhhh. If they were going to do that, they should have stuck to their guns and made us question our choice to kill the Crooked Man, not quickly just give us all the justification to do so.

As for the Nerissa/Faith thing... Why does it even matter? Faith is still the dead one, and Nerissa already told us that she was manipulating Bigby all along. It was a hamfistedly delivered twist for the sake of a twist, and it would have been far better had it been delivered with subtlety rather than "HEY REMEMBER ALL THE THINGS NERISSA AND FAITH SAID HEY THEY WERE KIND OF SIMILAR DO YOU GET IT YET DO YOU?"

1. Yeah, that was dumb since I played good cop during the interrogation since Black Beard was intent on beating him up.

2. Narissa was is the dead one, not Faith. Faith is glamoured to look like Narissa now.

Except they did a full autopsy on Faith and she didn't turn back into Nerissa. The troll lady looked like Snow for a bit but then went back to being a troll. I think it's the other way around.

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Necro-posting! Gotta love it.

I always liked the first two Rogue Squadron games a lot. I especially like that they were only based on the original trilogy.

And all you folks saying Episode I Racer: you crazy. That game was always bad.