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I don't get all the lukewarm reception at the end of the year - inFamous Second Son is the best that the inFamous series has ever been. That first game was such a slog, and the second game was an improvement (with the Halloween game being a fun couple of hours too) but man oh man is this game so much more well-paced and fun to get around in. Also, Delsin is way more entertaining than freakin' grumpy Cole.

The side characters are pretty much just as annoying as Zeke though (with the only exception being Fetch). I don't understand why Sucker Punch makes such irritating real-world characters. I thought the Sly games had a fun cast.

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@techhits: @hailinel: Did anyone ever figure out if it's worth getting the first game if you have Curtain Call? I actually have both but I'm wondering if I should give the first one to my brother. I haven't played a ton of the first game and don't have any of the DLC either.

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Oh man...I still use my DS pouch all the time for my 3DS XL, and the free game downloads have actually been a pretty cool way to beef up my virtual console collection. I also got a lot of neat posters from this. We never did get the Super Mario Galaxy soundtracks though, so that's a real bummer.

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Actual "favorite" favorite was in 2007 or 2008 for Super Mario Galaxy dethroning Ocarina of Time. But game being added to my favorite games ever list? Probably 2012 with Dark Souls.

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@tajasaurus: I'm pretty sure that clown game is just Mudpies on the Atari ST. So...knock yourself out. You can mail me a check for $500 if you like.

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I don't want that dumb Majora's Mask version of the system. Maybe if it was a sweet purple color, but not that gaudy gold. I'm bummed that it's just red or black here. I'd wanted the blue one. Red it is I guess!

Any idea if there will be a charging cradle available for purchase too? I leave my current 3DS XL on it all the time.

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@refactored: Sent you a friend request with the info on PSN! :)

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@mattyftm: That would be a special kind of meta-ridiculous. I'll have to consider that.

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Any PS4 clan members? I'm playing on there.

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Hey, I know some of you folks here in the community are really good at making characters in Saints Row, and I'm particularly bad at it. I want my character to actually look like Troy Baker, not just be voiced by him. Could you help a brother out? (I'll be playing on PC, by the way.)