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Edited by billygoat117

Dude, HELL yes to the BattleBlock music. I whistle that to myself at least once a week, completely unbidden. Also, I didn't know that you could play Guacamelee in Spanish. I'mma go do that!

Edited by MormonWarrior

@billygoat117: Yeah you have to change the system settings on the PS3/Vita to Spanish to do it though. Kind of a pain. It's way funnier in Spanish, much more well-written. The background art doesn't change, of course, but it's just soooo good that way.

Posted by DarthOrange

I had not thought of playing Guacamelee! in Spanish, I will definitely have to try it like that.

Also Rayman Legends was the second best 2D platformer to be released this year. :)