Chrono Trigger getting you to dust off that Wii?

Is this game worth re-playing?
I say so. There aren't any RPGs like this anymore. Tech is too advanced. If you haven't played this game but have a mild interest in RPGs do it. It is the pinnacle of the genre from that time.  With so much coming out over the next couple of weeks if you need to save some $$ so you can play it all say dump them into this for a good time.  


Kinect only for Kids

Were one year out from last year's E3 cirque de WTF Kinect announcement and what do we have to show for it?
Sweaty pits and save & share pics is all I see.  With obviously bigger fish to fry this year and the great sales numbers this thing has had already does anyone even care?
Has this thing been released, subsequently repeated the Wii's lackluster games cycle, and will now float away with your dollars when the next generation rolls in?
Keep an eye out for this swindling happening right before your eyes, E3-2011 will be very telling how could you do this to skittles!?!


Mass Effect 2 on PS3

This is all well and good folks. A new engine, all DLC! How could you beat it! 
ME1 for $15 + ME2 for $15 +  $30 of DLC still costs less. That's how.