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I am having an issue post patch where whenever it tries to auto save I get the following in game pop-up "your save is corrupt, another save will be made in its place" after clearing this pop up I get a system level notification of "corrupt data" The game continues and I can manually save. But the issues persists as I continue and reach any autosave point.

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by the time this comes out you will be able to get an xbone and two gmaes for $400. So I would think about it that way.

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"exclusive on Xbox for holiday 2015."

**Comes out several months later for PS4 w/dlc included and NO ONE is happy.

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Pibo is a pimp

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Let's forget this weird week of people talking about GB for all the wrong reasons and REMEMBER Ryan.

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If we get more of Dan's dad I'm pretty sure this will payoff quickly

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Alex would never do this in NY. He hates people.

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Cuz its a good machine that also gives me free games. Plus remote play. I'd keep it over my 3DS if I had to sell one.

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Not that original, but won a capture the flag match at the last second.

Hopped in my damaged Atlas and dashed across the Map. Popped out and frantically ran for the goal. Luckily my teammates were in there causing ample distractions as I snuck in for the 4-3 buzzer beater victory.

I really love this game. So glad I never really played a modern shooter before.