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I usually send a message that just says "Giantbomb" cuz my phone can autocorrect to it.

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This is a good feature.

Cuz sometimes I finish an episode of a TV and Im like "what did I just watch"

This would be especially helpful for Wolf (no pun intended) cuz I have no prior experience with the fiction and feel like I could be missing something.

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I added all 8 pages by copy paste into iOS app. Took about 10 hours. We will see how many friends I get. Thanks everybody hope to see u on there.

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I got a text from GameStop saying that payment finalization was at 10pm, but the website said 6. I tweeted them about it an they of course were unhelpful. I wound up getting a revised text later in the evening, so I would say my campaign to eliminate confusion was a success. Very exited.

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Not gonna cancel cuz it cost me $0. I just traded stuff to pay it off.

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Yeah but Ubi makes great games. I was blown away by Blacklist. Problably because of low expectations, but the melding of different competencies in gameplay mechanics across their action games (AC, Splinter Cell, Far Cry) Is making me excited for just about everything they put out. This game may be a little too multiplayer focused for me, but with so many games seemingly doing this multiplayer is the single player is the multiplayer thing, one of them has to get it right. Maybe it will be this one?

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Umm YEAH might need to rethink this topic? NO WATCH_DOGS until 2014.

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Gamestop just released more Xbox Ones. This is the second or third time I have gotten the notification. Gamestop hasn't done this at all for the PS3. This makes me think they are firm in their pre-order numbers and trying to bolster on hand stock to at least a few units per store. I'm sure some stores will get larger allocations, regardless you will be required to go out of your way to get one. In this way it WILL be like the Wii.

I waited in line for a Wii at the Nintendo store in Manhatten over A YEAR after it came out. Had to get up at like 5 AM on a rainy January morning. In this way it WILL NOT be like the Wii.

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Weddings are awesome. You should go, unless it is at a venue with crap food and there is going to be a DJ instead of a band. Then screw that noise. Family drama is for suckers. I say go and have a good time and give a shitty gift if you're still peeved about the whole thing.