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Umm YEAH might need to rethink this topic? NO WATCH_DOGS until 2014.

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Gamestop just released more Xbox Ones. This is the second or third time I have gotten the notification. Gamestop hasn't done this at all for the PS3. This makes me think they are firm in their pre-order numbers and trying to bolster on hand stock to at least a few units per store. I'm sure some stores will get larger allocations, regardless you will be required to go out of your way to get one. In this way it WILL be like the Wii.

I waited in line for a Wii at the Nintendo store in Manhatten over A YEAR after it came out. Had to get up at like 5 AM on a rainy January morning. In this way it WILL NOT be like the Wii.

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Weddings are awesome. You should go, unless it is at a venue with crap food and there is going to be a DJ instead of a band. Then screw that noise. Family drama is for suckers. I say go and have a good time and give a shitty gift if you're still peeved about the whole thing.

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Hey everybody. You can click the link below to Join the Playstation Movement. This will not change your affiliation with the Giantbomb ExtraLife team. It will make you eligible for a few goodies courtesy of Sony depending on how much you raise. Whoever raises the most $ gets a copy of Killzone:Shadowfall and Knack.

For those who had already joined Extra Life in any capacity, you can add to the PlayStation Movement to your profile here:

Read the full post on the Playstation blog via the link below:

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Last of Us, Infinite, Tomb Raider, GTA V, Saints Row IV & we shall see about next Gen.

I really liked Mario & Luigi Dream team as well, but that will be on exactly nobody's list prob. I haven't played brothers but ppl are dick hard for that. game. So that will be on everyone's list prob.

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I am excited too. Choo Choo on the hype train. I will probably just get Watch Dogs but Killzone looks like it is the best looking. It's a tough choice. I also need to see how this budget one ear headset thing is. May need to make an investment there. Mine's fully paid off BTW via the sales of a 250GB X360 and a WiiU Deluxe.

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So it was announced today; a scant 49 days ahead of the U.S. launch, that the Amazon France PS4 bundle was also being offered in the UK. For the uninformed this bundle includes The PS4, Killzone Shadowfall, the Camera and an additional controller for the same region specific price as the base XBOX One SKU.

1. Do you think there is any chance of this offer coming to the US?

2. Does Sony need to do this to directly compete with the Xbox FIFA offer or because they want to display how much more value they can give for the same price?

3. Are they able to do this because the actual price of the bundle when converted to USD is still more than it would cost to buy all the items separately in the US?

4. Have bundles always been region specific at launch?

I've never bought a console at launch so I am curious to know what experience others have had or can remember from other console launches regarding bundles. Personally, I do not see this offer coming to the US because we already get the lowest cost of the system.

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@slaegar: I am down to turn this post into a fitness blog.

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