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I told my wife right away via text. She knew I was upset but when I didn't sleep well on Monday she said "I knew you liked the site but I had no idea you were so invested in it" she was compassionate but it's still hard to explain to ppl who don't know.

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Nice post friend. You really summed up the way a lot of us our feeling today.

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Good job. Congrats.

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This is the best game. All this ending talk reminds me of ME3 except no one is pissed. It's awesome that something this hyped up can exceed expectations. I re-watched the credits just so I could get that last scene. I think it is just the cycle starting over again. In Bioshock 1 it appears that you are actually the child(girl). Having had massive wrong doing upon you by your parents. In Bioshock 2 you are the Songbird protecting the little sisters, and in Infinite you are the man at the center of the story. Kind of a stretch I admit, but a "wouldn't it be cool if that was the case" case for sure. And even if I'm totally off base it could be a premise for a future game to take one of the other roles more explicitly.

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What does this mean for the mobile site?

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Here's a random thought. Maybe whenever Patrick writes a female centric story he gets crazy laid. It would both justify and explain.

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Nobody cares that Link used to be Left-Handed? No reason to change that shit. Just pure Left-handedism. What about that?

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Of my aviatar pic. Except the cat is holding a machine gun with its tail.

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Caring about PS3 vs. 360 is child's play. Adults have both or PC.

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I haven't played one of these in a while. I will play it. I think it is just the fact that its a reboot of something that isn't all that old is what caused the negativity. And the Sess does gripe about the gameplay. He says the late game combat limits the combo system by forcing you to use certain weapons and thinks that is Sess-poop and not Sess-tastic.