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Melee everything.

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I vehemently disagree with their exercise program.

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These features were such a good compliment to the game. Good JOB.

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Twitter is the best.

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I'm here from the future to let everyone know that this game is unplayable on PS3.

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AC3 suffered from being on a HYPE bullet train. The series had already peaked with Bro-Hood and nose dove with Revelations. So the unspectacularness was already apparent.

Darksiders II, IMO, is a much worse waste of potential considering we will prob not get another. Darksiders 1 following grew overtime & this was a chance for a smaller franchise to step up and get a little more mainstream and it was like BLEH.

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I usually rent or just sell it on Amazon. I know I'd rather have the money. I almost always regret buying because I never want to play again.

RPGs and fighting games are the ones I would most likely keep due to length/replay-ability.

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I hate when people are like its a sub and I'm like naw dawg its a hero. Cuz sub is short for submarine sandwich and I don't see a periscope on there, but I certainly feel like a hero when I eat a nice chicken parm. I quite partial to sand-bone as well. As you can tell, I'm having a weird fucking day. Please help.

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Thanks for the tips. Yeah the game is very logical but nonetheless unforgiving.

On my first playthru I did really well the first couple of months, but I didn't know you had to build satellites. Derp. Start over. This second time I thought I knew what I was doing, and rushed a lot, hence was getting roasted in combat. I focused on getting satellites up and it has gone to crap mad quick.

Hopefully I can start again tonight. Either way I'm just happy to be hooked. Sometimes when a game is difficult at first (Dark Souls, Deus Ex) I'm just like F-this. This game eases you in just right so you can understand why its great then it's like BAM! YOU SUCK! but wasn't that fun? You know the part where you were doing well? You want some more of that? YEAH YOU DO! Let's play some more. And I'm like word, XCOM let's be best friends.