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Play it - GOTY Contender 0

As someone who hated the unforgivable AI of Deus Ex. I must say that the balance between awarding stealth and penalizing the player for aggression is well kept in Dishonored. It allows players to explore the world easily with great mechanics, but falls short by lacking hard hitting story beats or set pieces that would have propelled it to GOTY status. Not taking that last sentence lightly, I predict this will be on many peoples list for GOTY, just not at the top. The combat is smooth and realist...

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Better Than Good 0

The story in this game is fantastic. There is a great twist at the end that almost begs you to play it again to see if you could have a different outcome. The game play itself is a little flat. As a unreal engine third person shooter this just feels like Gears light. The weapon selections are generic and so are the enemies, but the story's originality and pacing more than make up for its shortfalls. You are given a different perspective on all the killing that you blindly do during videogames. Y...

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New Direction Success 0

Having played most all of Beenox's Spider-Man games I found this one to be a great addition. As a semi-movie-tie-in the story is compelling by piggybacking on what a surprisingly enjoyable albeit a bit to soon reboot. The combat goes Batman and the web swinging goes theatrical. I think the diversity of the efforts of the past four Spider-Man games, (some open world, others with a refreshing throwback to linear levels) lead them in the direction to create this hybrid and be successful doing so. D...

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Better Than the First 0

This game looks the best and is the best you can get on the iOS. The addition of heavy weapons and dual wielding along with variety in enemy types increases the replay value. Assuming they release patches that extend the story as happened in the First Infinity Blade this will eventually be perfect...While it does end on a nice cliff hanger it doesn't have the same "victorious, but over what??" sentiment that gave the first game nice closure. My only gripes are that heavy weapons are so much hard...

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Best in Show (so far) 0

The bad thing about being the first mover in the game of the year conversation is that this masterpiece maybe forgotten in the fodder that is the renaissance of releases for Q4 2011. A game I spent a mere weekend with, needs to be praised for turning an essentially formulaic iterative sequel into an instant classic. You feel like Batman. Moving aroud the city is easy. The combat is simple but satisfying. The villains are varied without overkill. The story is classic but compellingly fresh. Not e...

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