The power of gamemusic

Yesterday I strolled into my favorite gameshop to pick up Homefront (which is a bit of a dissapointment, but that's outside of the scope of this blog).
While waiting at the counter I decided to do a quick lookie at the Special cases where they keep nice Limited/Collector's editions and other things.
Suddenly my eyes were drawn to a cd (Well, 2 actually but the 2nd was of less importance to me) with a cover well-known to me.
It was the OST to Silent Hill 4: The Room!
I've always loved the music in Silent Hill games, but never got round to get them. But the cd lying there was just too tempting so I bought it, took it home, hugged it and I've been listening to it quite a few times since yesterday.
While it might not all be Akira Yamaokas best work (main composer of the series) the songs are great for just listening to whatever you do.
What's more, it's actually tempting me to hook up my ol' PS2 again and play through the games.
And that's the power of gamemusic. Songs that just trigger something in your memories, the enjoyment you had with games and that bring up the urge to re-play them.


Dear Diary...

Well started up the blog for the quest.
Though I reckon noone will read it anyway here's some nice links for folks who like archiving their stuff:
 Somehow kinda got hooked by a mate who listed all his anime in an excel spread. Pretty neat, so I did my own, as well as for cd's and games, hehe.