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#1 Edited by Morridin (75 posts) -

I got the US version from my regular shop here in the EU some time back.

I reckon most Atlus fans here in the EU have done the same, or had it imported.

Why do companies keep on releasing games over here so much later despite the fact that the platform they're on is regionfree? Do they need to translate it all for the non-english speaking regions?

I wouldn't bother tbh, the longer wait just means they'll miss out on sales because gamers will get the US version.

#2 Posted by Morridin (75 posts) -

Thanks for all the great times you brought us mister Davis, you will sorely be missed.

My thoughts are with his wife, family and extended family at GB

#3 Posted by Morridin (75 posts) -

I think I just wet myself at the Descent vid...

#4 Edited by Morridin (75 posts) -

Cool, I'll get Doom3 then!

Edit: Ahw dang!

Still, even if it is only 1 day and just a few dollars, it is a small step.

#5 Posted by Morridin (75 posts) -

The graphics from Vitrium heavily remind me of Tron 2.0


#6 Posted by Morridin (75 posts) -

I remember the awesome QL, but it didn't really seem to me to be something I'd still play after 10 minutes.

#7 Posted by Morridin (75 posts) -

Loved the PS2 game, though I never revisited after finishing it.

Liked the DS one, though it was more of an hors d'ouvre.

Still, I'll get the HD remake, just because.

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The title reminds me of an error a game once gave me while kicking me out. Think it was a gfx error in Diablo 2

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Sort of-ish.

I'm Dutch, so usually I'd speak Dutch.

But since I'm mostly talking to foreign folks through ingame chat or a forum I usually do so in English.

Granted, I tend to stutter now and then so I guess I could say I'm a lot more fluent when typing.

If not for the fact that everyone makes typing mistakes, so that's kind of akin to stuttering :P

#10 Posted by Morridin (75 posts) -

Nice and I only just bought it yesterday.

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