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I thought they were going to change his face slightly to look more like Connor. But I think they went the other way with it.

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I'm thinking about starting a new online franchise league in the near future. Add your gamertag to this thread if you're interested and we'll get this going!

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@Slag: Ya man, I didn't know about that Hillis intervention. Definitely a strange situation. Really dug the post by the way!

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Usually people get on the cover of Madden after a break out year. So really what we should be looking at is stats of players before and after their career years. Normally they go downhill. Just look at CJ2K, it didn't take the Madden curse for him to become a mess on the field.

Edit: I was also thinking when the season gets closer, we should set up a GB Fantasy league!

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@WinterSnowblind: I love MU as well, you wouldn't expenct that kind of care to be taken by a paranormal podcast, plus their accents are pretty awesome!

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XBL: Oh That Morris

EDIT: feel free to add me, im on all the time.

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@Waffle_House: lol ya that picture was nuts. You should the away team picture of Madden, its awesome!

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Did any of you guys see how if you keep hitting random select during "play now", the Madden Developer team comes up? They are all 99's and are great for getting achievements. The QB rushing achievements got a lot easier for me. haha

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Different people have different tastes in music? THE HORROR! also, i'm pretty excited for this.