New Job - New Life

Who would have thought things can go so smooth?

I've been working abroad for the past 2 (almost 3) years. I live in Germany and worked in Switzerland, and without a driver's licence, I had to go by train, bus, and even by foot. 1 1/2 hours every morning, and another 1 1/2 hours every evening. Your private life is pretty much reduced to nothing if you get up at 5am and come home at 8pm. During spring season even 6 days a week.

This, plus a boss who doesn't treat you very nicely, rarely gives you a day off if ever, and expects you to care for an area of 110000 ft² full of living plants (I'm a gardener, btw.) by yourself. Ok, an apprentice helped, but it's still a lot of responsibility and not to mention work.

I've been fed up with this for quite some while.

So, my boss screamed at me for no reason once, twice, and after the third time, I went to the secretary's office and wrote my resignation. That was May 14th. And it felt good. Even without a perspective for my future, I was feeling very positive towards my decision and had an inner calm that gave me the feeling I did the right thing. In reality however, I was going to be unemployed. Which doesn't suck that much in Germany since you get 60% of your previous wage, and my swiss wage was... well, very good.

So far, I wrote two job applications. One is still unanswered. The other employer from Germany called me two days after I sent it. He invited me to an interview today. And gave me the contract afterwards.

WTF?! :D

So from the first of August onwards, I only have to go by train for about 25 minutes, and walk the rest of the way, which are another 5 minutes. Sure, I'll earn less money, but having more free-time is a lot more valuable to me than cash.

So not even a month after I quit my job I got a new one. Life is good to me :)


The first Vita price drop (Europe)

Funny thing.

I've been thinking about getting a Vita since its release. The price was kind of a put-off, I could've afforded it but I didn't really want to.

However, since I spend almost 3 hours on the train to work every day, a handheld is a must have. Sometimes it's just too loud in the train to read, so I'm better off with gaming.

So I changed my mind, put a Vita along with a 16GB card, a travel case and the game Dynasty Warriors: Next in my Amazon shopping basket.

When I wanted to place the order today, I saw the Vita dropped from €249 to €219. Not a great price drop, but I'm still glad I waited just that one day with my purchase. I'm sure it'll be getting even cheaper over time, but right now I feel like buying it :)

The only issue I have is with the current game releases. There isn't even a handful of games I'm interested in. But I think they'll be coming, on April 20th they release Disgaea 3 - Absence of Detention here in Europe, that's another title I'll get, but other than that, I have to be patient...

Anyways, I'm generally looking forward to my Vita experience, as most reviews have been very positive :)


My first visit to Banoi.

I wake up at my hotel room, still hungover from the night before. The only thing I remember is people acting crazy, and blood everywhere. I kinda hope it was a nightmare, but I know it was not.

I know I have to get out of here, find a way out and figure out what has happened. It's dark. Slowly and a little anxious, I'm making my way through the hotel corridors. I pick up what I can find. Money, which is maybe useful later and some alcohol to calm my nerves.

The place is empty. Luggage is laying around, and I see blood splatters here and there as I progress through the hotel. I get nervous as I have to turn on my flashlight, this might get me attention I don't want. But my wariness turns out to be unnecessary, I don't encounter anyone, and am left with my rising fear of what might come.

As I step out on a balcony, I almost expect something to attack me, but again, my mind is playing with me. Instead I see two people falling from higher above.

Something's going way wrong here...

I plan to escape through the elevator hatch, but, oh sweet coincidence, things never work out in these situations and I fall several floors down. I bang my head, see a blurry image of someone running towards me, and fall again. Someone talks to me through the speakers, telling me to trust them. What choice do I have?

I step out of the elevator. Unhuman noises and blood all over the place a foreshadowing a cruel fate.

Welcome to Banoi, says the island.



I'm into RPGs and zombies. So I heard about Dead Island, which is banned here in Germany but I got around to import it from the UK.

After reading some reviews, it seems like not the greatest of games, with quite a list of flaws. But I usually like games most people don't like, and I must say, so far I'm really digging it :)

I like that you can find loot in many places, that makes me explore my surroundings very thoroughly, which I enjoy (I'm a nerd :D). Also all the RPG elements are big fun, I'm pretty desperate for new RPG experiences on the PS3 right now. Dragon's Dogma is still far away godammit!

So what can I say? I never played a zombie game before as I'm not into shooters or survival horror (I might get into that genre sometime soon though...), but having zombies + RPG is awesome to me. I'm a bit put off by the first-person view, but I'll get used to it.

This game in third-person view and I'd be the most happy girl :D

I'm not very far in the game yet, but I felt like expressing my feelings towards playing it ^^

PS: Sorry for bad English, I'm not a native speaker.


The Burden of Success

I've been playing video games since the age of five. So in my now 20 years of gaming experience, I tried out many different genres, strictly avoiding only one kind: shooters (and games involving shooting). I tried shooting, and I horribly failed. I'm just bad at it. I stopped playing Uncharted 1 when the shooting started and completely avoided the two sequels, even though they are considered some of the best PS3 games.

But in the past few years, I tried not to be too closed-minded, and finally tried out games involving shooting, like Fallout 3 + New Vegas and just recently, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

One game that got me very interested when it was released was Mass Effect 2. I was never a xbox or PC gamer, so I didn't knew the original Mass Effect (I read most about it though), but still ME 2 sparked my interest because of the setting and the good reviews it got. Hot default male Shepard was probably a reason too :D

Ahem. But the combat gameplay was mainly shooting, so I got discouraged and never bought Mass Effect 2.

Until about one week ago.

Being on the Giant Bomb forums a lot, I kinda got swept up in the ME 3 hype, and my interest in the franchise was resparked. So I thought screw it, Mass Effect 2 is only €25 on Amazon, and even if I'm unable to play it, I could just re-sell it.

And so my very own Mass Effect odyssey began, and I'm currently 20 hours into the game.

I have to say that from the hundreds of games I played, there have only been a handful that managed to get me immersed in their world, or universe, completely. So much that I would fantasize about it's environment and characters. Mass Effect 2 is one of them.

And I'm so glad I overcame my shooter-phobia and tried this game out, because so far it's an experience I wouldn't want to miss. I could bite myself in the a** that I didn't try this game out sooner, but oh well.

Anyways, following the forums, I was unable to overlook the incredibly negative reception of the ME 3 ending. I read most about it, your three choices as well as what exactly people didn't like, up to theories about a "real" ending.

And even though I'm spoiled, I'm still looking forward to further experiencing the Mass Effect universe. I'm currently having a neutral stance towards the ending until I've played it myself.

That said, I can understand the peoples' points as why they don't like the ending. But this just might be the burden of success. Having created a game (well, two games) as deep and fascinating and beloved by it's fanbase as ME 1 and 2, creating the ending of the trilogy is as tricky as it will be polarizing.

I, as for myself, hope that when I will finally reach the ending of Mass Effect 3, it will not overshadow my positive gaming experience with the franchise so far.

PS: Sorry for bad English, I'm not a native speaker.