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When I saw the redesign of Sam Fisher I knew I was gonna play it :D

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In the Welcome Center, right after your arrival, you see a big statue of Comstock with open arms. He is wearing the same tie/scarf thingie as Booker. You can also see part of his vest underneath his coat. It's so obvious I can't believe I didn't recognize it the first time...

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The Dynasty Warriors: Gundam franchise comes to mind. G2 was a drag, very slow, clunky and generally undynamic. But this issue was greatly improved in G3, which I found rather addicting :)

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I wanted to say Xu Shu but he was already in Empires!

From the real new ones I'd say either Guan Xing or Zhang Bao. Both are quite handsome :D Although Jia Chong looks pretty interesting too, but I have yet to play him.

No one beats Zhong Hui in style though :D

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The violence in the game didn't really affect me. It was much more effective in Spec Ops: The Line to me.

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Slow zombies are boring and not convincing as a real threat.

I do like to watch LotD for cute Simon Baker though :]

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I played Bayonetta on the PS3 and enjoyed it. But I usually never watch any compared vids and didn't really notice the "issues".

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I bought my PS3 two years after the launch, I think I'll do the same again. So I'll definitely keep my current system for some time.

I can only connect one system at a time though, so I'll need to switch consoles whenever I want to play on the other one...

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I like 'em rough.

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That's actually a little off-putting to me. I like to explore and take my time, grind out my character... not rush from one task to another, if I want stress I can just turn my console off and live my real life ;D