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@Rhaknar: Not much in the way of souls. But many of the NPCs drop unique items or humanity. When you start NG+ your sins will be absolved and the NPCs will all return as the story unfolds again.

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Sure sounds like her.

Just watched the trailer for the first time:

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@Antipunk217: I think that the intertwining story lines will still be a major part of it, despite being able to switch on the fly. According to Game Informer there are many missions where you will only be 1-2 of the characters. When you switch to another character after a mission, their next mission may be directly affected by your previous actions. For instance, if you steal a car in one mission with Trevor, you may find that Franklin is looking for the same car in the next mission. The thing that really excites me about this is the player will know things about to happen to other characters before they do. Like "Oh shit were walking into an ambush!" I think Brad is thinking small on this one. The stories will intertwine more than ever from what I gather from the GI article.

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@Silvergun: It supposedly goes live anytime from today through the 24th.

As far as the AH: I enjoyed/relied on the AH for keeping my gear up to date as I progressed through the difficulties. But endgame AH was a very different beast and proved to be too much for me. I had some friends who where we successful using it, but they ended up spending all their time in the AH buying/selling and I got bored quickly.

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Here is a link to the article explaining the changes. Paragon System

I haven't logged on in about a month or so. After logging around 140+ hours and hitting a wall in Inferno, this seems like a great addition to bring me back to the game. Anyone else going to hop back on and try this out? What do you think of these changes?

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Act 2. Still weak after facing someone with a taste for humans in the desert. Surrounded after following some invisible footsteps outside his house.

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@ThePhantomnaut: Looks like we find out who parked that there.
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Sweet lord yes.