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so you're saying this:

is easier and makes more sense than this:

sorry, but no.

oh and fyi: germany sells their tvs in inches (zoll) because the international production standard for tvs is inches. (they also show cm on ads) why? because the first tvs where produced and advertised in inches.

so if you're saying a foot is always a foot but two people have two different shoe sizes, e.g. 8 and 12, how can they meassure the same thing? they still have to know the mandatory, actual length.

just watch this video.

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oh you fucking guys are crazy. they hired the best HUMANS they thought were best for the job. i do the same. i don't care about peoples race, color, gender or sexual preferences when hiring. their political agenda is something different, but the thing is that they have to fit well and that they have their heart at the right place. saying that all "white guys" are the same is bat shit crazy.

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YES. i died laughing when i originally saw this one.

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thats a shame.

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@drekly said:

They need to hire Danny. Seriously they need to hire Danny.

reminder: he already works for cbsi so he's basically their co-worker.

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@squaretheroot said:

Seriously, I dont get how anyone could dislike this game. It does what it strikes out to do to the brink of perfection, it achieves to make it feel as though you are playing in a real battlefield even more so than Battlefield, while still having the excellent mechanics of COD with the improvment of all the acrobatic stuff (which is the best feeling platforming in any first-person game to date, basically how mirrors edge should have felt). The pace of the action is simply unmatched and thats what makes Titanfall so incrediably amazing. Goddamn do I love this game.

calm the f down man. you're describing this game like it's the cure for cancer.

i don't like it, but i also don't like call of duty games. as someone said earlier: titan vs titan feels like tank vs tank in battlefield. it's just boring. the shooting as a pilot is boring and the maps are on the one side too big and too small on the other. if you're a titan, you can not fit through most of the streets if there's another one. as a player, the maps are way to big and the AI that should fill said maps is just NOTHING. playing on the not-city map is a drag. you're just running around, looking for other pilots and firefights are done in 2 seconds. then you're going searching again. calling down titans and embarking them feels satisfying but i'm getting tired of the sounds and zipp-zapps after just 2 hours of gameplay. burn cards are a waste of time, for the most time and the card management is just bad.

all in all: was going in enthusiastic, left very disappointed. the shooter genre needs something bigger than just another call of duty with titans bolted onto. it feels way to simple and shallow and i don't feel like that there is any skill involved. it's just dumping, dumping, dumping.

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Which of the following have you done in the past month?

Eaten a snack food

Consumed a soft drink


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@magzine said:

@sooty: wait so you haven't played the game since the Dec 3 patch, but feel entitled to complain about it?

DICE doesn't have to fix a damn thing if they didn't want to. Ain't never heard about a lawsuit over The Sims being crashy. :-)

ever heard of a class action lawsuit? how would you react if you would buy a car and the car just doesn't start every 2 days or so. if this would be a german publisher / game, it would be a shit show already and the Federation of German Consumer Organisations would've stepped in a long time ago, supporting the customers to get refunds or make legal advances against EA.

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playing on PC. still getting a ton of crashes. can't play shanghai. after 2-5 minutes the game freezes, sometimes even when loading a server with shanghai. other maps are better but the game still crashes every hour of gameplay or so. it is super frustrating, especially when you're playing with your friends and the only thing you're doing is to reconnect.

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@boocreepyfootdoctor said:

The Tree of Life x Disney Rule 34 CP x Riff Raff x A Rick Rubin Spike Jones music video circa 1995 x an episode of Cheaters or Cops or that G4TV college dorm spinoff of Cops x Korine/Clark/Solondzt/VonTrier/VanSant style content x Double J promo as Joel Olsteen = how could this movie not be good.

that's like the perfect description.

the beginning alone is such a fucked up and depressing montage. it's social critism to the extreme.

if you come with the wrong mindset to this movie, you either find it super cool because there are all these bros and chicks hanging out, fucking and drinking in the beginning but you'll probably find it laughable at the end.

if you know your movies and understand a little bit about social critism, nihilism, voyeurism and harmony korine in general, you know what a crazy project this really was.

the cahiers du cinema, one of the most regarded and traditional review circles in the world, put in on their top10 list for this year on number 2.