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Is there any way to play Red Alert 2 online anymore, now that GameSpy is down? Does Origin have any sort of service for that?

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Any word if there will be a UPF tonight? I know a load of equipment is getting sent back in a truck, so I wouldn't be too surprised if they skip this week - but it'd be good to know so I can plan my evening!

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I have this issue too

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I'm rather excited for the new Godzilla offering, and I'm planning to go see it next week. However, I have a difficult choice.. Do I go see it in glorious IMAX with booming sound, or with the splendidly stupid buttock-rumbling D-Box seats? I'm a huge fan of both cinematic spectacles, but I try to choose the right gimmick for the right movie. Pacific Rim was most brilliant with D-Box, possibly because it was quite an excellently silly film in itself, and of course I find the oeuvre of Christopher Nolan is best suited to the supermassive IMAX experience.

But what about Godzilla?

I'm in the UK and I don't think there are any cinemas nearby that offer both IMAX screens with D-Box seats (though if there are do correct me, a casual Google indicated naught), so I have to choose one or t'other. Which would you choose?

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Sweet! Thank you!

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Is there an RSS feed for Quick Looks? I've started using IFTTT, and I've made a recipe to check the GB podcast feed to send a notification when there's a new podcast. I'd love to do the same when a Quick Look is released, or a Liveshow starts, so I can get a notification when there's something new on the site.

Is there an RSS feed for posted videos I can plug in to?

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Chat not working for me either. I've flushed the DNS and also cleared the cache, still not working.

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Maybe I'm imagining this, but I'm sure that this game was played on some GB segment a few months ago. I presume UPF, as that's the only segment that makes sense. I think it was the SNES version, but I'm not sure.

Anyone have any idea when this was played?

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I was digging through some old photos, and I found this glorious photo of me on a Gateway 2000 PC.

Link here

I am very interested in working out what game I might be playing. This photo is taken some time in 1994, and I was a huge fan of adventure games at this time. But looking at that screen, I can't for the life of me work out which game it could be..

Any ideas?

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I also have this problem, and I've no idea what causes it. I'm beginning to think it might be router settings? Are you guys connected via wifi or ethernet? I had my PC connected by ethernet before and it didn't seem to happen that much