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Maybe I'm imagining this, but I'm sure that this game was played on some GB segment a few months ago. I presume UPF, as that's the only segment that makes sense. I think it was the SNES version, but I'm not sure.

Anyone have any idea when this was played?

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I was digging through some old photos, and I found this glorious photo of me on a Gateway 2000 PC.

Link here

I am very interested in working out what game I might be playing. This photo is taken some time in 1994, and I was a huge fan of adventure games at this time. But looking at that screen, I can't for the life of me work out which game it could be..

Any ideas?

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I also have this problem, and I've no idea what causes it. I'm beginning to think it might be router settings? Are you guys connected via wifi or ethernet? I had my PC connected by ethernet before and it didn't seem to happen that much

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Is it at all possible to access the database of what shows are coming up on Giantbomb? I would love to write a simple widget to display that data. I'd obviously like to make an Android widget and Rainmeter plugin, but also something for the Logitech G510 keyboard to display on the LCD screen. Is it possible to query this data? Would I have to scrape the site HTML, or is that sort of thing kinda frowned upon?

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So my understanding is that the modest aim of the GB wiki is to become an encyclopedia of every video game ever made. However, there is an entire genre that is entirely missing. Entire game consoles, actually!

This is the set of games that appear on exercise machines. For example, the Concept2 Indoor Rowing Machine has such games as the Fish Game, Darts, Target Training, Biatholon. The fish game has high scores, involves skill, tactics and.. er.. rowing. I play the Fish Game almost every day, and I would love to post a detailed review and/or strategy guide. I need to update the firmware on my rowing machine to get Darts, but I'll post that too in time.

Are these games eligible to be in the Giantbomb wiki? How should these be structured?

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Whenever I'm in a live stream, the chat has a tendency of pausing and then disconnecting and then immediately reconnecting and flooding with the messages I missed.. This seems to happen every few minutes, which makes the chat really hard to follow for me. I use Chrome on Windows 7, but it also happens when I use Firefox. What could be causing this?

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I remember a while ago, there used to be this feature for playing GB videos in a playlist one after the other. I never really used it, but for all these E3 videos I'd love to put them all in a playlist and just play them all.

Where has this feature gone, and how do I do this?

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I can't seem to find the little box that displays what stuff is coming up today and when. Where's it gone? It's pretty useful for me to plan around when live shows are going live. They're usually about 23:00 GMT, but I always forget.

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@ghostiet: You're not playing it stealthy? How are you dealing with dragons? Those fuckers are bad-ass and kill me within seconds if they spot me.

I'm at the point where you have to kill two dragons and I totally understand why you're supposed to go and do open world stuff for a bit. The game doesn't necessarily make that obvious in terms of in-game text, but neither did Far Cry 3 and when you attempt a mission several times and keep getting killed it's fairly obvious that you need to level up a bit. Same experience with Skyrim.