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Dude, we can't post links directly because this is subscriber-only content. We covered this above.

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Ah! It works for the 'High' quality (code 1800), but not HD (code 4000).

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That trick isn't working for me. :-( It says Failed - Network error.

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I also actively avoid Quick Look EX, I always feel like the GB team are censoring themselves in those videos.

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I absolutely love Giantbomb, I've been enjoying all the content for years. I love the site, the reviews, and of course all the video content. I'm a premium subscriber, so I see the site without any ads, but occasionally I visit the site without logging in and see what it looks like for 'normal' users and it sure is a different experience.

I understand the site has to generate the duckets to keep the lights on, and I imagine it's pretty expensive to host the long form video content that GB does. But at a certain point, is there not a fear of turning away some segment of the audience because of the diminished user experience?

Many of my friends, while avid gamers, avoid the GB main site now because of how it feels and consume GB content only through YouTube. Maybe that's fine, they're still generating views, but GB is missing out on potential premium subscribers. Or maybe my friends are just peculiar.

Does anyone else think this is maybe an issue?

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I did one better, I plotted the scores over the duration of the game. The main graph is for coins over time, the inset is for stars.

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Is there any way to play Red Alert 2 online anymore, now that GameSpy is down? Does Origin have any sort of service for that?

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Any word if there will be a UPF tonight? I know a load of equipment is getting sent back in a truck, so I wouldn't be too surprised if they skip this week - but it'd be good to know so I can plan my evening!

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I have this issue too

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I'm rather excited for the new Godzilla offering, and I'm planning to go see it next week. However, I have a difficult choice.. Do I go see it in glorious IMAX with booming sound, or with the splendidly stupid buttock-rumbling D-Box seats? I'm a huge fan of both cinematic spectacles, but I try to choose the right gimmick for the right movie. Pacific Rim was most brilliant with D-Box, possibly because it was quite an excellently silly film in itself, and of course I find the oeuvre of Christopher Nolan is best suited to the supermassive IMAX experience.

But what about Godzilla?

I'm in the UK and I don't think there are any cinemas nearby that offer both IMAX screens with D-Box seats (though if there are do correct me, a casual Google indicated naught), so I have to choose one or t'other. Which would you choose?