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sure y not. it was just like yesterday when i was listening to a random podcast with the duders about creating creating the the website and tyring to find the dumbest available name possible. Memory kind of fuzzy but i also think I remember them being surprised that people were actually using the wiki.

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Really India... it's literally over a billion of u.

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In an old podcast (I listen to them when I miss Ryan) the guys were discussing if it was too late to rock some ironic Ed Hardy. To any hipsters out there... Is it too late to do it because I really need to see it.

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I came to this site waiting on this article. Well done. Hope to Zeus that it was talked about at length in the bombcast. "... just roll up the windows."

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@flstyle: @happenstance: Hope im not asking a really stupid question here but saying the Ultimate is a alternate universe... Does that mean that there are 2 of every hero/villain existing in two universes? So are Marvel Comics split into 2 like regular and ultimate? Or is ultimate a complete wipe and regular is now the ultimate if that makes any since?

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I'm thinking of getting back in to comics. I read them back when I was a kid in the 80s and have been reading a bit about what marvel has been up 2 since then. Then I came across the the "Ultimate" universe. I read a few wiki articles about it and still have no idea what it is. Does anyone have a simple explanation of what this is and why I should care?

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Sigh still no Virtua Fighter :( Beginning to wonder if im the only American that loves the game.

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Can't im afraid to be put on a list somewhere.

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thanks that put a tear in my eye. Great job.

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Triumph is possibly the greatest song ever made so theres that.