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Journey, God of War 3, the Uncharted games, the Ratchet/Clank games.

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Funny part is that people complained that Origins was using MMO-like combat back when it came out.

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Another thing is check the GPU temperature when playing those games, perhaps your card is overheating?

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@defaultprophet: There was a possible fix posted to unlock the 30 fps lock for cutscenes on PC have yet to try it.

"To get rid of the imposed limit, make a shortcut and add “-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+” at the end."

I tried this and Nivida released a new driver yesterday that mentioned dragon age. One of these two things (or both!) fixed cutscene hitching for me.

Its the shortcut thing, the cutscene issue is a game bug. Also:

Looks like they are working on figuring it out.

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@defaultprophet: There was a possible fix posted to unlock the 30 fps lock for cutscenes on PC have yet to try it.

"To get rid of the imposed limit, make a shortcut and add “-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+” at the end."

According to Bioware that fix may break the multiplayer mode so be warned.

@epiccyclops: I don't know man, the control change evolution has been happening since Dragon Age 2. I should know, I beat Dragon Age 2 on PC using their not zoomed all out camera. Dragon Age Inquisition controls just feels like the natural evolution of the franchise on PC.

Its less about the zoom (more wouldn't hurt) but how the camera moves with a kb/mouse. The cursor moves like a character, it can't go over certain parts of the map etc.

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I didn't have any issue with Origins or 2 but this is killing the game for me.

The camera movement on the mouse has no sensitivity options(only keyboard)

You can't run holding both mouse buttons like other Bioware games

No click to move or click to loot like previous DA games

The cursor is tiny and blends in with everything making it easy to lose on battles.

Tactical view is way too zoomed in and makes it harder to use and clunky.

Having to hold down R to basic attack sucks

Can't rebind mouse buttons

No walking, you can only run

I'm only 2 hours in and I'm getting really bummed out thinking of having to fight these terrible controls for 90 hours...why couldn't they leave it as it was in the other games?

You can use shift and mouse to move the camera, that helps.

On twitter one of the producers says they are monitoring the PC complains and are gonna look at them. Pretty sure they will patch that stuff. If they can increase the zoom out that would fix my main gripe.

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My thought is that it's typical Ubisoft being paranoid about piracy. If they let game reviewers get at it ahead of time they might leak it! Oh NOOOOOO!

The game was pirated a week or so ago actually.

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Well, Far Cry 3 ran pretty great on Pc, so I can only expect 4 to be the same... hopefully.

But 4 is being 'ported' by the guys who did the Pc version of AC: Unity, so I wouldn't hold our collective breaths.

But Unity was busted on every platform.

Unity was a brand new engine that doesn't even run well on the new consoles. FC4 runs on an existing engine and runs seemingly really well on current consoles.

It isn't usually the porting dev who is at fault but rather the tech they have to work with (and the budget they are given).

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4 GB of VRAM is probably the most important thing these days.

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Digital Foundry is up for the game. XBONE does better in busy areas, PS4 does better in fights/cutscenes. Both struggle to maintain 30fps though.


Are people really going to pretend 2 consoles that have basically the same hardware save for PS4 having more RAM, that "oh xbone is better for some things PS4 is better for others" like that bill of goods might have held weight back in the PS3 days when the hardware was farily different but yo how stupid you think people are Ubisoft

Not true actually - same amount of ram, the PS4 just has faster (GDDR5) ram. The xbone has a slighty faster cpu while the gpu on the ps4 is considered to be quite faster.

Given that people are seeing not great performance on PCs as well this is probably simply an unoptimized new engine on new platforms.

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