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Very detailed video about the game, lots of gameplay.

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@humanity: My problem with the pricing is that on PC it's €40. That's more than I paid for new copies of Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2. That's the standard price I pay for a AAA release. This looks more like a budget release. If it was around the €25-30 mark I'd probably have snapped it up already. It's even more "overpriced" for me on the PS4.

Greenmangaming had it for about 24 dollars with all the coupons for a while

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So is it less janky than something like....Divinity 2?

Its definitely less janky than that. The combat however isn't easy, and you need to micro your companion a bit (you can order them to defend/attack/heal)

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Game reminds me more of the first Witcher in its jankiness of the combat and the dialog. Looks good though on PC

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Who would want to live in that city anyways? Property values must suck with all the crime.

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@lichbanes: Its not a "cutscene" but The Darkness has a scene where Jackie and his girlfriend are on the couch watching To Kill a Mockingbird. It's similar in a lot of ways in being a touching scene that tells you a lot about the characters.

The Darkness HD would be awesome, especially if done in the sequel's graphic style.

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Didn't they rerecord the dialog or something?

They retranslated the script (from French) and rerecorded the dialog for the console releases, though I have no idea if the Steam version was updated.

I looked at the steam forums and the dev team posted that they rerecorded the dialog and that its in the steam version. Though I bet this game goes free on psn+ one day...

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I'm really happy to see that both Sony and Microsoft are fairly aggressively updating their firmware within only just a few months past launch, and doing so productively.

Ain't competition grand?

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@mosdl: Do you ever find yourself wishing you'd gone for the U2413? I'm looking at adding a second monitor and I have a U2410 which I could probably keep as the primary and still have features like HDMI, so the extra price for the 2413 probably isn't worth it to me. Also had I seen the $229 price I might have just pulled the trigger. They're $275 right now looks like.

I went with the U2412 for the same reason - the 2413 features were not something I needed and instead took the savings.

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Didn't they rerecord the dialog or something?