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I'm betting that Dishonored 2 and Doom 4 will be part of the conference as well as a new game by the Wolfenstein guys. Crossing my fingers for a resurrected Prey 2.

I'll only care about a Fallout 4 if they have Chris Avellone writing it. The difference in quality between Fallout 3 and New Vegas when it come to dialogue, quests and choices is insane.

Honestly I hope they give Prey 2 to the Wolfenstein guys

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You still get approval messages that pop in in the left hand corner of the game. Also I believe the cards each companion has during the companion select screen will change if you have a high approval or a low approval.

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Run an anti-spyware tool, could be something installed on your system.

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Wonder what max resolution is on the PC, but, again, it's not like it really matters for G Fandango.

The backgrounds are still the same so I imagine it will actually look worse at higher resolutions.

lol, great! This will be a good game for that 720p TV I still have kicking around I think. I would like to see what those backgrounds look like blurred out all to hell though. Like playing in a dream.

@'s got messed up and now this post format is untouchable sorry

They looked fine on a 1080p screen at the event, a bit blurry perhaps but still looked fine. The 3D models however are updated (anti aliasing, better textures, realtime shadows)

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I played it during PSX on both the PS4 and Vita and it worked great.

Yeah it really doesn't matter for this game any way you cut it. I'd expect/hope that performance/graphics/controls/sound will be the same across the board. Wonder what max resolution is on the PC, but, again, it's not like it really matters for G Fandango.

All the backgrounds have NOT been re-rendered (they are the originals) so my guess is they'll just resize them to fit your screen resolution.

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Only if they release the regular New 3DS in the US, the XL is too big.

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2015 is the current release date - see here. They even posted a video on their facebook page showing motion capture sessions. I guess its still on, I think the company had some money issues way back.

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Overall, this IS a victory for Sony, but moreover, it's a victory for competition. Without multiple console makers pushing against one another, consumer options are greatly reduced, and companies are able to more easily screw them over. Makes me wonder how awesome things would be if Nintendo were actually competitive, or Sega hadn't drilled themselves into the ground...

Its a victory for "dedicated gaming", or however you want to call the group that is willing to buy hardware for games alone. Everyone seemed to think that phones were going to kill consoles and all.

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I'm pretty sure Solas's quest is broken. I take him to meet the spirit from the fade, and I just see a demon bound by a bunch of crystals. Solas doesn't say anything, there is no prompt on's a shame. Tried a few fixes but no go.

Was looking forward to getting more Fade lore from the guy.

You don't get that much lore from that quest. I think I had the same issue and I fast traveled to the Elven camp and then it worked (it should trigger a cutscene when you go close to the marker).

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What platforms do you have access to? There are a bunch of RPGs on PC only that would fit the bill.