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@slaps2: If you've been gone from gaming for a while you should also know that GameSpy has shut down it's central servers, putting lots of multiplayer games into limbo. Many titles have found work arounds or replacements while other titles and all Nintendo DS online are toast.

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@einhert: The last time I downloaded a PC demo the demo would run but the full game would not, so I wouldn't consider a demo as a tool for checking performance.

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@bollard: Their website is actually designed by the makers of Kentucky Route Zero.

A thread from 4 years ago, too. Yipes.

A reminder that most of what you put out there remains for a long, long time and may be seen and used by others in the future.

In one article of theirs which made it to print they cite forum posts from Brad from 1997.

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Thanks to this thread I put Dark Souls II back into my PS3 and did the half a playthrough I had left to S-ranking it. Glad I can put it away again.

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I haven't bought a PS4 yet and probably won't have done so by the time P5 comes out. If a P5 PS4 exists then I'd buy it; else, I'll just buy P5 on PS3.

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@evermoore: I believe they have built into the game the option to rent a server.

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@t_wester said:

Surely anyone owns minecraft at this point are they planing to make 2.5 billion by selling Crepper plushies?

People still buy Pacman and Tetris over 25 years later. How much revenue have those franchises brought in over the decades? Minecraft will still be selling and bringing in revenue in 30 years. Spending $2.5 billion on it now is probably a steal.

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@jesus_phish: If you chose to hang out with someone while having a card of their arcana you earn an extra point towards the next rank. Having an extra 10 to 15 points over the course of 10 ranks will probably save you a date or two.

Even if you aren't going to use the persona from your fusions you are gonna get to use them in more fusions. You'll probably only end up using 20 of the around 200 personas in battle, but getting as many as possible is going to make things easier.

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Bascialy just put your index fingers on the two keys with little bumps (f and j) so that you've got proper positioning and then play Iccarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing. Then play the episodic sequel.

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I played FFVII for the first time in 2006 and though it was great. You mentioned the scene with Zack and Could at a shootout. Do you know how you triggered that? I got it during my first play through but when I played it a second and third time years later I never saw it. It's a pretty important scene in Crisis Core, which is totally worth playing and quite a bit shorter.

I seem to remember reading something about the final boss scaling not only based on max level characters but also on whether or not the Weapons were defeated and if Knights of the Round was used during certain boss battles. That's all side content that you probably skipped, which made it much easier.

ATB battles have mostly felt like rote input to me, with very little room for complex strategies or interesting rhythms. VI and VII both give you lots of weird options, but I never really felt any incentive to use them when I was doing just fine mashing the attack command, unloading my most powerful spells on bosses, and healing when necessary. I had a sense that the bosses that were going to matter might be immune to debuffs, so I figured I'd be best off with as straightforward of a strategy as possible. The opaqueness of the attack queue also bugs me, because it means I don't have any kind of higher-level view of the flow of battle. The constant timer means that battles are an odd mix of watching meters fill up and frantically tearing through menus. XIII's not altogether different in that respect, but because the auto command was usually what I wanted, I didn't feel so hurried most of the time. That auto command also sidesteps the homework of keeping track of enemy weaknesses, which I've never really enjoyed in any RPG except maybe Pokemon.

This is sort of a different issue, but I also appreciate the way XIII does away with mana and auto-recharges your health between fights. If mana's a resource I have to worry about, it means I have a strong disincentive to do cool things. That and the lack of random battles made going through combat areas a lot more pleasant and interesting experience. I started playing Tales of Vesperia last night and I'm already feeling a palpable relief in not having to worry about random battles.

I think you'll really like the combat in XII. You basically set up a series of if-then-else statements to automate the basic combat, but then you can take control of any member at any time and do any actions that are necessary outside of the routine combat. You don't have random battles; the enemies are visible on the battlefield and you can walk up to them, run away or avoid them at any time. There is a system that is kind of like limit breaks, which you can chain into like a 20+ hit combo, but the cost is your mana. The mana meter is broken up into three chunks and you can spend one, two or three chunks of mana on an attack, or you might get the option to fully refill your mana so you can keep the chain going.