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Chrome's been fine for me. My only issue is that recently, whenever I quote someone the cursor isn't in the editor, I type my first word and nothing happens, then I hit space and the page scrolls down and I curse, scroll up and need to click the editor and start again.

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Investors care. A three month delay means 3 months more salaries and office expenses cutting into the bottom line. Extra sales from having a better game might not make up for missing the holiday shopping season. And a delay might not even mean a better game; look at Driveclub.

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Such a great game. I'd almost say get a US account and a separate vita memory card. It's under a gig so you could use the smallest/cheapest card you can find.

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@mosespippy: @turambar: Is this what Margaret is alluding to when she says that strong personas will leave gifts after the sacrificial spread fusions? Or is ability extraction a separate function?

This is something different that you get later. What Margret is referring to is when specific personas are sacrificed. It's easy to figure out which specific personas to sacrifice by looking at Theo's list of materials. Example; he want's a Matador Sword, you get one by sacrificing Matador.

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@turambar: I'm pretty sure you can extract Impure Reach from Incubus as a skill card for use on any character. It's super great when paired with Poison Breath or Lullaby Song too.

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Sweet. I just bought 1 and 2 last week and now I'll have time to play them before 3 comes out.

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I really like it, which surprises me considering how much I don't like the combat of P3/P4. This game is 90% combat and yet I like it. I'm playing on hard and the grind is starting to get to me. Not that I'm feeling under leveled, but that I feel like I'm coming up to the end (I'm at 4-3) and haven't cracked level 50. I'm 72 hours in and nearing the end game and I don't have any end game personas.

I don't think Zen or Rei are interesting characters in any way. I expect there are story reasons for why they are so lame but I haven't gotten to that point yet. I'd hang out with Junpei or Ken before I hang out with them.

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@flstyle: I haven't tried to use her in the back row but I would think her attack option is. Her spells wouldn't be limited and her physical skills would be limited to attacking the front row.

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@bbalpert: Yes, that is one of the big scenes of P3, and it does get foreshadowed in PQ.

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There wasn't one last year either I don't think. For starters, Rorie is the Golden Duder and he wasn't working at Giant Bomb when he won. Also, I remember E3 guests talking about it, so it's a summer thing not a end of year thing.