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This game was too good to be made today, now it would be focus tested to death and sliced up 30 ways before going on sale.


I don't really understand why you think this. To my knowledge GTA V didn't have much of any DLC. I think there was some blimp stuff for ps3?

They haven't done straight DLC type DLC. They've done microtransaction DLC. Every 5 or 6 weeks there will be a new update to GTA Online that will include new weapons, clothes, vehicles, houses, etc. You can buy it all with your GTA Online bucks, but at close to a million bucks for a vehicle it'd take a lot of grinding. Many people buy the credit card packs, so that million dollar car will set you back roughly $18, and that's before you buy any mods for it.

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@wikitoups: I don't have any left but I bet I can scrape some up next time I visit my brother in law. Unlike me he's actually had a Nintendo system for more than 6 months. How many codes would get you 140 coins?

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I never signed up for Club Nintendo so I've got a bunch of codes. Anyone want them?

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The lobster claws kind of make it look like a character from Rag Doll Kung Fu, but I can't tell if the head is right. Also, I don't think that game was big enough to warrant action figures being manufactured.

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I don't think there is a particularly large cross over audience between the two sites. I'd even be willing to bet there were more Giant Bomb duders interested in Anime Vice than Comic Vine. Personally I only own 5 comic books and I didn't buy any of them (three from the 60s found at the dump and two from the 90s that were a Christmas gift).

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@nodima: @spraynardtatum: I think you guys are basically talking about two different kinds of writing. There's the dialogue between characters type, and the path of the narrative type. The individual conversations between characters are fairly well written. It's only once you examine why these characters are friends and why they are doing what they are doing does it begin to break down. Trevor has zero reason to trust Michael and the feds after he finds out about Brad. Franklin has zero reason to hang out with either of them. Michael has zero reason for taking Franklin under his wing to begin with. Dresdon has zero reason for screwing over spree murderers. Studio executive guy has zero reason to work with Michael and so on. The arc that the narrative goes through to get from A to B is some shooty explosive entertaining stuff, but it's certainly not coherent.

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This seems like the sort of thing that you could 3D print yourself at home if you had enough time and money to sink into it.

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If Rockstar made Vice City 2 I could nearly guarantee it would do all this and much more.

I pray to god that's what they're doing. After GTAV, I don't think I could stand going back to the confines of Liberty City and I feel as if setting a game in VC would offer a lot more freedom.

I think part of the problem with Liberty City is that every single game in Liberty City takes place during the year which that game came out, except for LCS which was still late 90's. It's always a modern touristy version of New York. I think the grungier, graffiti plastered, gang filled, tourist unfriendly 70's version of New York would make an interesting setting.

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There's a lot about Vice City that would not exist in today's climate. For starters, the game was made by roughly 70 people in a span of nine months. Open world games today cost way more to make. Games like Assassin's Creed VI and GTAV take over 600 people to make, and a lot more time.

Secondly, the gameplay of today's games are much less playground-like. Modern GTA games don't have missions where you are jumping a motorcycle from roof to roof across an entire city district. It wouldn't have cheats. It wouldn't have blood geysering out when you chop heads off in a comical manner. It wouldn't have a gang of bikini SMG girls.

I can see there being another game with that kind of voice cast and soundtrack. Maybe they even get the setting right, but there is no way the gameplay gets made to be that level of goofy fun. Games are too serious now.