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@maxb: Yeah, I stopped trying to go flat out and just do it at pace to see how much time I'd need to shave off. Getting a snake pit level and taking the mattock to create shortcuts cost a bit of time up front but pays off big in the jungle and temple. Ended up getting to Olmec with 1:32 left, screwed up twice but managed to survive and finish with 22 seconds to spare.

It's been a good week. I got 100% trophies in Spelunky and GTAV. Maybe I'll tackle the last one in Dark Souls II next.

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The more and more that the game industry has followed a formula the less and less interested I've become. I've been down on games for maybe 3 or 4 years now. Occasionally something really interesting and different comes along. A dating sim at a pigeon high school, a trucking sim, a typing game, Fez; those out of the ordinary games that aren't following a formula are really fun to play.

Sometimes I go back to old classics. I play through Vice City, Persona 4, GTA2 and NFS High Stakes every year. They haven't gotten old yet. I can go binge on Minecraft for a week at a time once every 6 or 8 months. I went and dug out my lego collection for the first time in 10 years. That doesn't get old either. It also demonstrated just how limited minecraft is.

I haven't played a competitive multiplayer game seriously since Uncharted 2. I think the nature of perks and leveling has killed competitive balance which has turned me away from multiplayer games. That's pretty shitty considering they shoehorn multiplayer into everything these days. Maybe a MOBA is the answer for me.

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Rock Band. There was a good stretch of about 4 months where me, my room mates, and basically everyone we knew would end up in my living room playing Rock Band at some point or another. Between my daily Warhawk clan practices and all of us playing Rock Band all the time my PS3 was on at least 4 hours a day everyday for 6 months.

Rock Band ain't ever gonna be what it was anymore. The business is different now. I think there could be that kind of market for it again. There's gonna be a whole new generation of kids in high school and college who missed it the first time around. Much like Disney movies, the entire target audience is replaced every seven years. Unfortunately, the music industry thought music rhythm games were going to be the future of the music industry. When that didn't happen they lost interest. They also kept the costs high. And retailers aren't gonna accept that level of plastic crap on store shelves again; 17 different SKUs of Guitar Hero every year saw to that. The only way retailers will take that on again is if it is only available for one system, or at the very least if the plastic crap is system agnostic.

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Is it actually a "legitimate" Russian language gaming website that ripped off the layout, styling and logo of Giant Bomb? If so, how did the guys find out about it?

It is this. I remember when they found out about it. A lot of websites were down that day because the Amazon S2 servers were fucked. Giant Bomb and all the Whiskey sites were among the sites affected. The engineers still had some control over the site so the crew ran a live stream on the front page that day. Dave even went in the next day, a Saturday, and did the first Radio Dave call in show. was brought to their attention at some point during one of those streams.

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Congrats, few things in gaming feel better than that first Yama victory, enjoy it. Now it seems time for you to head towards speedlunky no? It's a great challenge for a handheld. That particular achievement is still something of a white whale for me.

I just got to the exit of 4-3 with about 35 seconds to spare. Had to use a rope to get up to the exit and it triggered an arrow trap that came down on me. :( Maybe Speedlunky isn't as unobtainable as I first thought.

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When I was in university I saw a bunch of people playing that original Trials flash game. I was playing Peggle, N+ and Forget Me Not.

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For writing get Write Room.

If you're going to be making presentations then Keynote is vastly superior to Powerpoint.

Excel is pretty much what everyone uses for spreadsheets, as Numbers, OpenOffice and Google Docs are all lacking.

Disc Inventory X is a pretty good tool that will show you how much of your drives are being taken up by what kind of files. I discovered a 5GB text file hidden somewhere once.

F.lux is pretty useful.

Most of the time deleting an App will uninstall it. For those rare instances where you have some app that doesn't remove all it's files upon deletion then you'll want AppDelete.

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Tokyo Jungle and Journey. I was out of work when they came out. I don't want my Journey experience to be meeting up with some know it all who leads me to all the trophies, which is what I assume the only remaining players are like. I can't tell if the PSMobile version of Tokyo Jungle is the same as the PS3 version. It'd be great to play Tokyo Jungle on the Vita, but if it's a stripped down version for cell phones then I don't want it.

I've played under an hour of the original GTA and under 10 minutes of GTA Advanced, which isn't enough to form an opinion of them but is enough to be able to say that I've played every GTA game released. I should really play them some more. Instead, I play GTA2 every year.

Mother 3 is another one. I applied the english patch and set up a GBA emulator on my PSP and started it up. I played the first hour or so. I named the mother after my girlfriend. Then my girlfriend died. That put an end to Mother 3 for me for a long time. Maybe I'll get to it again at some point.

I've got Resident Evil 2 on the Vita and I've been meaning to play it for a long time but I keep saving it for a rainy late night.

I just bought FFVI. Unfortunately I also have five other JRPGs that I'm gonna get to first and I'm in the middle of two other ones right now. ETA on starting FFVI: Winter 2015.

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As someone who hasn't paid any attention to the previews at all I've always thought they were the same game. They were announced at the same time and marketed together weren't they?

@milkman said:

@hailinel: Just call the WiiU one "Super Smash Bros. Fight" or something and the 3DS one "Super Smash Bros. Free-For-All" or whatever. Something to imply that they're different games. As is, it just sounds like Super Smash Bros. is on the WiiU. It is also on the 3DS. Even Pokemon goes through the trouble of actually naming their games something when they're nearly identical.

I wish they'd keep putting subtitles that are other words for fighting. Smash Brothers Donnybrook or Smash Brothers Fracas would be great names.

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Why not try and achieve stuff?

Maybe because the cost of generating the assets required for such a feat are insanely high and that is killing beloved AAA studios. Try to achieve stuff, but do it within your fiscal means.