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@ben_h: Did it have a level editor with a bunch of premade bunkers, greens, hills and obstacles including dinosaurs that you could place around the course?

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Looking over that list of games it seems they've gone back too far in their time travel machine for me to have any touchstones. In 1994 I was 6 years old and playing solitaire and a golf game on some old black and orange monochrome PC from the 80s.

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If the game has LAN support then you should be able to play it through a service like Hamachi.

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@49th: I thought there was a way to bypass the Ruin Sentinels by defeating the Flexile Sentry but I don't remember where the required key is. Maybe look around some more. Or just do as others have said and talk to the miracle lady a bunch to open a new path.

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I did a research paper in university about video games ratings boards. Turns out that violence against minors can get your game banned in many places, including Australia, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, Britain and parts of Canada. A lot of that comes from old regulations which have lumped in video game ratings with film ratings, which can also get banned for violence against minors.

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Well, I don't think we need to list every single printing of every game. If we did then we'd have a different version of almost every release for Canada and the US due to labeling laws. I'd say that if a difference is notable then it can have a blurb in the body of the wiki.

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Would this also cover games that had changes but are otherwise indistinguishable from other printings? Off the top of my head I can think of

  • GTA LCS getting reprinted with an exploit removed that had created a backdoor to rooting the PSP.
  • GTA Vice City having rewritten cutscenes to remove any promotion of violence against Hatians.
  • GTA San Andreas having the hot coffee stuff removed from the later printings of the PS2 version.

All these are indistinguishable from the original version by looking at the box (unless maybe they have a different Sony Product Code).

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So does this mean there will be those NFC figurines for all those characters? I wasn't paying too much attention to that stuff at E3 and got the impression that all Smash characters had a corresponding figurine.

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@excast said:

So this was locked and then unlocked? Ok.

I'm under the impression that the staff and mods don't want this to be talked about a whole lot. We don't want rapist to be the first thing that shows up in google when you type in Max Tempkin. And we certainly don't want the first result to be a speculative thread on a gaming forum. It's best that Max's blog be the first result.

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@masterbrief: If you liked Weekend Confirmed then you might like Garnett on Games. I listened to the first dozen episodes or so and I don't like it so I stopped listening. Maybe I just don't like the one man format. Garnett is also on a much better podcast with John Davison called John and Garnett: First for Gamers Podcast.

Or you could see about finding a way to listen to Jeff's (and sometimes Dave's) daily commutes from his Mixlr stream. It's not in a podcast friendly file format so it might take some work to be able to listen to it conveniently.