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This seems like the sort of thing that you could 3D print yourself at home if you had enough time and money to sink into it.

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@counterclockwork87 said:
If Rockstar made Vice City 2 I could nearly guarantee it would do all this and much more.

I pray to god that's what they're doing. After GTAV, I don't think I could stand going back to the confines of Liberty City and I feel as if setting a game in VC would offer a lot more freedom.

I think part of the problem with Liberty City is that every single game in Liberty City takes place during the year which that game came out, except for LCS which was still late 90's. It's always a modern touristy version of New York. I think the grungier, graffiti plastered, gang filled, tourist unfriendly 70's version of New York would make an interesting setting.

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There's a lot about Vice City that would not exist in today's climate. For starters, the game was made by roughly 70 people in a span of nine months. Open world games today cost way more to make. Games like Assassin's Creed VI and GTAV take over 600 people to make, and a lot more time.

Secondly, the gameplay of today's games are much less playground-like. Modern GTA games don't have missions where you are jumping a motorcycle from roof to roof across an entire city district. It wouldn't have cheats. It wouldn't have blood geysering out when you chop heads off in a comical manner. It wouldn't have a gang of bikini SMG girls.

I can see there being another game with that kind of voice cast and soundtrack. Maybe they even get the setting right, but there is no way the gameplay gets made to be that level of goofy fun. Games are too serious now.

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This reminds me of the angry email Polygon got from someone who thought they made Killer Instinct and were ruining TJ Combo.

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It's tough to say. DS2 had way more bosses than DaS, but none of them were as good. I'd expect them to do less than DS2 and try to make them better. Maybe there'll be a bunch of lame easy ones, but I'd expect 13-14 memorably good ones.

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I've had my Vita since last summer. I just checked and my screens have a combined zero scratches. I use it a lot and whenever I take it with me I just toss it into the pouch that came with my PSP, even though it's a bit too big for it. That's the old Vita though. Not sure if there was a cost cutting materials change in the new Vita.

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Dark Souls cracked my all time top 3 in 2012. Persona 4 did too in 2009. If the trend of a new one every 3 years continues then I'll have another top 3 game this year. Considering I plan on playing my first Zelda(s) and FFVI this year then the outlook is good. I'll also probably try Dota this year, and I just bought RE4. I'm gonna play so many good old games this year!

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I didn't realize the Track IR was that expensive. I'd definitely consider an Oculus instead. Sure it's more than double the price, but you're gonna want it in the future anyway. I bet it get's more dev support than the Track IR does going forward too.

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I've had a similar problem with The Witcher not autosaving every time I leave an area. It doesn't bother me because at most I lose 20 minutes. Most of the time it's dialogue that I can rush through the second time around. I remember losing chunks of 3 or 4 hours in games like FFXII, RE2 and Persona 4. I know those games don't have autosaves, but if The Witcher didn't then I'd really be fucked.

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@aegon said:

@xealot42: Haven't watched it yet, but was there more than one episode?

There was never more than one episode. Hell, the one episode was practically made in secret if I remember the story right.

Edit: Fuck, first boss is from RE4. I just bought that today.