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Goodbye. :(

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Another great article, Alex. It's perfect reading on this rainy Sunday.

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Alex continues to be my favorite GB writer. Great read, keep up the great work.

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Hope he gets better.

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I hope Candyland gets the same treatment some day.

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MIxed emotions on this. Happy for Kaz. He seems like a great guy and maybe Sony can turn things around under his direction. On the other hand, a lot of stress comes with that job and we'll probably never see at another E3 press conference.

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Still missing the blades.

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I still have my PS2 copy of ICO and I must be the only person on the planet that likes the US boxart. It's great. The kid looks like he's about to wreck somebody with that stick. 

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great article Patrick. I had some similar feelings while playing this game as well. I completely disagree with analysis of the puzzling, though. I think it's great. It's fast paced and frantic, but also forces you think hard on how to climb. However, I can definitely understand how someone can become frustrated with their design. The beauty of the puzzles is that there is no one right way to solve the puzzles but there's certainly a wrong way and that's usually where the frustration comes into play. Still, it's one of those things you either really like or just really hate it. Hopefully, more people will try the game and see for themselves.

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@JohnPaulVann said:

                There's only one problem with this deal: every game Sucker Punch has ever made SUCKS! 


Back in my day, trolling used to mean something. Damn kids. 
Anyway, congrats to Sucker Punch. Looking forward to many more great games from them.
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