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I decided not to buy Dragon Age due to GOTY. I have enough to play right now, but I have Wolfenstein in mind for when it gets cheaper.

Probably a mistake. If you are into Bioware games and love open world stuff, it is your best option for 2014. I think the only reason it didn't make the top 10 is because you literally have to play about 70 hours to see "more than 50 percent" of the game. None of the GB duders have that much time. It sounds like Jeff finished it, but the chances of Jeff liking a game like DA:I is pretty low.

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Yeah dudes. The Martian. Read it.

Don't look up anything about it. Just get it and read it.

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GiantBomb has NEVER been about video games to me. It's always been a group of dudes who like the same stuff I do. In fact, all of Whiskey was. I still follow Tested religiously for the exact same reason. This is why the loss of Ryan was such a kick in the balls. I, and a lot of people here as well, felt like I lost a close friend. That wouldn't happen on other sites that just post previews and reviews.

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Man - the RotJ clip still crushes me. I miss that duder.

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As a seasoned CCG/LCG player, I'll say that its pretty good. It plays fast and has some great "collect everything" hooks, which make these games addictive. The rules are simple, but there is some strategy, and mistakes can easily be made. However, it can be a swingy luck fest that even a really good player can't overcome. In these types of games, you often ask which is better, a strong deck piloted by an average player, or an average deck piloted by an expert. In this game, its all about the deck. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but they have sacrificed building a steeper skill curve in order to make the game more accessible and fun. Thats fine for most people. For others, who want a dynamic and shifting meta, you won't find it here. Not yet, at least.

I will add a comment that might make me sound like a snob. I wish they would bring over a pro from the CCG/LCG design world to help them build out the meta curve. They've done a remarkable job so far. Eventually, though, having designers who are video game designers by day isn't going to carry you to the promise land. No matter how much of a fan of those games you are.

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Basically $5 - always. The only exception is for orders of $100+ where the guy is clearly making a single trip to my house only. Then he gets $20.

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@2headedninja said:

So ... can anyone tell me where that Bluebeard guy comes from? ... I read up on him after I finished and he seems so be an serial murderer that chopped his brides heads off, but you have no contact with him yet he shows up as a suspect (had I known the brides thing I might have picked him) ... now it seems strange to me that he pretty much is in there without any further explenation?

When you first enter Bigby's apartment, he has a folder on Bluebeard on his desk.

Also - once you look at it, it adds one of those Fable Stories or whatever to the menu. In there, it specifically mentions that the guy cuts people's heads off.

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I went to Lawrence first because, well, fuck Toad. Dudes an asshole.

To answer some of the questions. When you show up at Lawrence's place, he is dead. But then he revives. Someone (Dee) breaks into the apartment, at which point, you hand the gun to Lawrence and hide in the closet. If you jump out of the closet and get the jump on Dee, Lawrence lives. If you stay in the closet too long (what I did), Lawrence shoots himself in the head.

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One time I was standing in a road as Trevor. Had my phone open and was looking at a gas station. A car pulls into the gas station, parks, and then blows up. Then the tanks exploded. Then the building. It was insane. Turned around and turned back, station was back to normal. Lol.

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@kidavenger: you should do a bit more research. Panic is one of the premiere Mac developers in the business. They set the tone and the trend for many of the modern design you see around today. Probably one of the highest regarded developers in the business. But hey - your 2 seconds of looking entitles you to your opinion.