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For me GTA4 and the first Bioshock. They're just too slow, despite the fact I really want to like them.

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@kindofblue: Sounds like me, except I'm 28. I noticed it late teens and I really freaked out about it, but over the years it's slowed right down. It's still gonna go - my dad's bald, it's inevitable - but you have to take it as it comes. I'm fortunate that I look ok with a shaved head and a short beard, but I have my hair grown out right now while I can. As long as you keep it looking respectable through the process, it's not a bad thing.

Having said all that, you have plenty right now. I imagine it'll take you into your 30s at least.

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So I got Guacamelee! for free on the Xbox One today. You may already know that the game very clearly references Giant Bomb in a poster (vs. Destructoid), but as I was playing today for the first time, I noticed the initials R.D. scratched into the church wall. Does anyone know if its been there from the beginning or maybe patched in since Ryan's passing?

Apologies for the bad phone camera pic...

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Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, UK.

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Coventry City (yeah, yeah...) and England.

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Skate 4

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5

WWF No Mercy 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

TimeSplitters 4

That'd do me.

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I've got two older brothers and I love 'em both. We're good friends at this point. We had big fights and arguments as kids and still wind each other every now and then as siblings do, but it's cool now. I'm 27, next brother is 30 and the eldest is 33. Definitely an age thing.

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The video player, as mentioned a lot already, really needs a redesign. Apart from that I just really want to see the content keep coming, maybe they could add a twist on how they do things to keep themselves motivated and excited about providing coverage and playing games generally. Like how quick looks used to be. Not sure what that'd be though.

Staff-wise, if they could take on Jeff Green and Danny O'Dwyer that'd be awesome.

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I don't often post on the forums but saw this and felt compelled to. From the sounds of your first post, your mother seems like a very strong fighter. She's overcome a lot that's come her way, so I can't help but think positive thoughts that she'll do the same this time. I've not had an experience similar to this, so I can't say I know what you're feeling right now; but while it's incredibly difficult, try to keep positive and those around you will too. Things will be ok and you'll grow from this. Although we're complete strangers to one another, my thoughts are with you.

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Depends what you're into, but I have New Star Soccer (usually known as NSS) on my phone and it's all I play. Keeps me completely hooked.

As a quick aside -- how is the Galaxy S4? I have a free phone upgrade from August 1st and that's the top one on my list. Recommended? Suppose it might be a bit early to tell if you've only just got it. Cheers.