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I've got two older brothers and I love 'em both. We're good friends at this point. We had big fights and arguments as kids and still wind each other every now and then as siblings do, but it's cool now. I'm 27, next brother is 30 and the eldest is 33. Definitely an age thing.

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The video player, as mentioned a lot already, really needs a redesign. Apart from that I just really want to see the content keep coming, maybe they could add a twist on how they do things to keep themselves motivated and excited about providing coverage and playing games generally. Like how quick looks used to be. Not sure what that'd be though.

Staff-wise, if they could take on Jeff Green and Danny O'Dwyer that'd be awesome.

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I don't often post on the forums but saw this and felt compelled to. From the sounds of your first post, your mother seems like a very strong fighter. She's overcome a lot that's come her way, so I can't help but think positive thoughts that she'll do the same this time. I've not had an experience similar to this, so I can't say I know what you're feeling right now; but while it's incredibly difficult, try to keep positive and those around you will too. Things will be ok and you'll grow from this. Although we're complete strangers to one another, my thoughts are with you.

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Depends what you're into, but I have New Star Soccer (usually known as NSS) on my phone and it's all I play. Keeps me completely hooked.

As a quick aside -- how is the Galaxy S4? I have a free phone upgrade from August 1st and that's the top one on my list. Recommended? Suppose it might be a bit early to tell if you've only just got it. Cheers.

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So far I've gone with FEZ and Tomb Raider. From memory, they're the only games I don't have that I've been interested in... but I'll see how the rest of the sale pans out as there's always something I've forgotten!

Fallout: New Vegas was tempting, as I skipped that originally. But I don't know if I have it in me to play huge, open-world games like that anymore.

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@goldfishking: Ended up watching the rest of the video from that point. Ryan and Jeff's chemistry is unmatched :(

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I just can't believe it. I can't say anything people haven't already said, but thank you so much, Ryan, for the 100's of hours of entertainment you've provided us all with. Such sad news. You'll be sorely missed. My condolences to all friends, family and colleagues.

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@petiew said:

@truthtellah: Davis! You sunovabeech. Whazza matta CBS got you pushing too many pencils?

Congrats Ryan!

Maybe :D

Congratulations, Ryan!

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I was solely a huge metal fan for a long time. A large period of my life my revolved around just metal music, but as I've gotten older my tastes have not only altered slightly, but I've just gotten very lazy with new bands and new releases. Compared to you guys I can't compete in this topic as much as I might've a few years ago, but I still need my heavy metal kick on a regular basis! Here are my thoughts and a new addition to the thread...

So happy to see so much love for Devin Townsend! He's my favourite musician of all-time by a long way. Despite being spoiled by so much content over the last few years, I cannot wait for Z2 and all his other plans. So far this year I've really dug the latest Cult Of Luna album, but my current favourite is Pelagial by The Ocean. It's a concept album that depicts a journey from the surface of the sea to the very depths. And it's rad as hell. It's sort of Mastodon's career curve but in reverse, in that it starts light but gets heavier and heavier. Check 'em out.