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@Mrnitropb said:
" Waaah. Take yer fucking pill and stfu. Glooooooomy.  wooooh I'm glooomy :'''''( Are you crawling in your skin, too? Try dealing with fucking PTSD, then go write a fucking blog. "
Forgive the human race for people such as this, blackbird. If their parents could have seen what their offspring would become, they likely would have reconsidered. What in the world is wrong with you, Mrnitropb? I do hope you find solace in your lack of wit and understanding, otherwise your existence has little meaning.
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@blackbird415 said:

"What the textbooks didnt tell you is that Japan had already surrendured to America before they decided to drop "little boy" and "fat man". "

Keep your conspiracy theories out of this topic, at the very least. You are wrong. Your sense of history is simply misconstrued and education is in order. I disagree with the bombing of Japan, but that does not lead me to misrepresent the entire situation for my benefit.
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@Detrian said:

" Who gives a fuck? I don't know how America can cry so much for two buildings and three thousand stiffs after all they've caused since. "

This is one of the most execrable remarks I've read on the internet. So heartless.
Your country is very unfortunate to have you as a citizen. Maybe they can right that wrong through the judicial process, or otherwise.
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Most likely scenario: It's a collection agency, and you're doing exactly what they want you to do.
Let it go. If they call again, answer. If not, never think about it again.

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Some things you really can't undo, like your horrendous grammar for someone of your age. I apologize that the education system has failed you so.

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@DeadPan said:
"They get paid by Whiskey Media, they don't need supporting because this is there job, and as part of there job they are obliged to [f]ill there site with content "
I hate to do this, but... Dude, it's "their". "Their" is used for signifying possession ("Their job"). An example of properly using "there" would be in the sentence, "There is a live show being presented on Giant Bomb today." As an aside, "they're" is a contraction. Read it as "they are" and make sure it sounds right before including it (this is a preemptive mention based on the above post).

This is not a means of generating money specifically for Ryan, Jeff, Vinny, and Brad. This is to make sure that the money that pays their salaries from Whiskey Media is there so that they may freely do what they have always done, because if you haven't looked around, this site really doesn't have shameless advertisement support. They said they want to be supported directly by their userbase instead of having to chase clickbacks and appease advertisers by putting up certain content.
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I honestly don't even come on the site as much as I once did (or any other gaming site), but I love everything the site is about and always have. I'll gladly pay to support it even if I'm only on here once a week--it's what other gaming sites should aspire to instead of trying to be corporate-appeasing subsidiaries. If they want to be in business with the community, it's really an honorable and upfront gesture that I am all for.
You can find $5 a month, people.

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@Diamond said:
" I wouldn't be surprised if this was far more common in many more places than people expect. "
They don't need to pay for actual game reviews--game reviewers are impressionable enough as it is.
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ICP is a joke. Juggalos are a joke. Anyone involved with this nonsense is a joke.